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The bobber, also known as a dowsing wand is a fantastic spiritual tool.
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The bobber, also known as a dowsing wand is a fantastic spiritual tool. 

You can use the bobber for:-

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal Attunements
  • As a lie detector
  • Allergy testing
  • Psychic Connection to Spirit
  • Aura testing
  • Healing
  • To find lost items
  • Measuring energy
  • Finding lost objects
  • Finding Ley Lines
  • Personal Health Analysis

You'll find that a bobber is more accurate and more sensitive than a normal pendulum, you'll find the bobber is extremely easy to use and very accurate. 

How the bobber works

Our bobbers are made of copper which is an excellent conductor for energy. Approximately two to three feet in length. The bobber has a weighted tip with a quartz crystal inside. The copper barrel conducts the energy and the quartz crystal inside picks up the energy and resonates this through the wand.  

Depending on your own energies, the bobber may nod up and down, or rotate in a swinging action. For some people it can also swing in a left to right motion. 

When you first get your bobber, it is important to establish how the bobber works with your energies. 

We recommend that you begin by holding your bobber firmly in your hand, and extend the bobber out in front of you like a magic wand.

Stand perfectly still and you should find the bobber sits in a neutral position. 

You now need to ascertain how the bobber responds to "Yes" and how it responds to "No".

Say out loud "Please show me the signal for "Yes" and watch as the bobber either begins to rotates, bob up and down or waggle from side to side.

When you feel you have a response, then say out loud, "Please show me the signal for "No". Again, wait and you should see a different motion from the bobber to indicate no.

You can at this stage also, if you wish, ask the bobber to indicate a motion to show you that you have asked the wrong question. Say out loud, "Please show my the signal for wrong question."

Your bobber is very sensitive, if you are unsure, then the bobber will sense this and react accordingly. To practice your skills, we recommend that you make up some dowsing cards.

You may wish to put on one card "Yes" and on the other card "No", you can add to your dowsing cards as many things as you want. 

If you'd like to learn more, then tune into one of our webinars on Dowsing For Health.

For further help on using your bobber watch our video demonstrations below...

Chakra Balancing with A Bobber

Checking Your Aura with a Bobber



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Karen from UK -
Great spiritual tool for dowsing. It's very sensitive and very easy to attune/program. I bought it to use within the aura to find any problem areas that need healing, I'm also keen to try it out to find ley lines too! Highly recommended.
Sue Harrison from UK -
I purchased one of these at jill''s angel workshop weekend and it is fab.

I use it to find any issues with my chakras etc and also to find any
negativity hotspots when I am conducting healing work, it acts as a dowser also when I lose my keys! LOL <3
Joel Janvier from Hollywood, FL, US -
Hello everyone,
The misuse or the imbalance of our energies can cause several health issues whether it is on the physical, emotional, and mental plane. But how can we know if the flux of energy circulating inside and around us is blocked or balanced? How can we detect what our chakras and our aura are telling us.

This spiritual tool is the answer. I bought it a few months ago, and
thanks to it, it helps me to focus on my root chakra that was blocked and my throat''s one that was imbalanced. I encourage you to buy one like I
did and you won''t regret.
Kristi from United States -
Worth the wait! It is a fantastic tool, I attuned it without much trouble at all, and thanks to it''s power, I learned some surprising revelations about my chakras. I am currently keeping a diary as to which chakras are continuously problematic so that I may give them extra attention during Reiki. :) This is a valuable investment!
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