Channelled Relationship Angel Reading by E-mail

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This is a unique opportunity to get Archangel guidance on your relationship. Specifically for couples who need to identify those behaviours and beliefs which are hindering the relationship and want to develop a deeper bond.
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In this reading I'll channel the archangels and ascended masters so that you can gain insight into both souls and see where your relationship is heading. The angels will reveal to you the purpose of this relationship, how you can change any blocks that hinder its growth, and receive angelic guidance for this partnership in your life.

It will also show how you can best help yourself in order to make decisions you feel comfortable with about the relationship. An outcome is only "probable," but never set in stone. If there is something you can do to create a more positive relationship, the angels will guide you towards that. Always keep in mind too, that even though we can all make changes in ourselves personally, we can't force another to change his/her ways or habits that aren't agreeable to us.

Please note: This reading takes me 4 hours to do, as it involves reading for two people and then asking for joint energy information.  

Important Ordering Information: After placing your angel reading order, please send an email to us with your full name, date of birth, time of birth if known, and your place of birth. If you have ordered the relationship reading, please include your partners details also. Your reading will be done for you within ten business days of your placing your order. Please note these readings are channelled personally by Jill Harrison, they are not computer generated.




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Sue from Australia -
Today I received my relationship reading, from Jill, with specific guidance from Archangel Chamuel, all that was brought forward was accurate, most things I had an inner knowing about, but was unable to express in words, other information was hidden, until now. I can move forward in a confident manner rectifying my innate behaviors that trigger my partner and I am now aware of his insecurities to provide support when needed and enable us to communicate on a higher level.
If you are truly looking for answers and guidance for your special relationship and desire the most out of that learning experience from a very gifted lady, then give yourself the gift of the relationship reading.
I cannot speak of Jill and her gifts highly enough, although I love too, I have always found Jill to give honest and reliable information with everything she offers.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of knowledge that I have been given by Jill and Archangel Chamuel. Thank you xxxx
Rosemary Jenson from Surrey, UK -
I was reluctant to have this reading because of the price, but I needed to know the truth and I want to thank you for helping me recognise I've really just been wasting my time. I suppose I knew deep down the relationship wasn't working and the information you have provided is very in-depth and accurate. This reading has helped me to finally acknowledge to myself that whilst I 'love' my husband, I am not 'in-love' with him. I know you said we could save our relationship but now I'm ready to work on me and I thank you for that, otherwise it would have been another 7, maybe 20 years wasted. You have helped me see why I fail at relationships and what to do, to heal, so that's what I'm going to do, go heal myself. Worth every penny.
Lorraine S. from LA, USA -
I have spent a fortune in readings and therapists over the past year trying to get specific information about why my relationship was going sour and no one could shed any light on it until I found you. Whilst the truth doesn''t make for easy reading, it woke me up to how I was sabotaging my relationship and what I needed to do to turn it around. Whilst I still have some issues because I can''t change my husband, I can say they have improved tremendously. Shedding light on how my husband felt about what I did and said was an eye-opener. I never even considered my actions would cause him to be insecure. So it seems we were both being insecure and instead of opening up, we hid it, well we''ve made steps and
we''ve rediscovered each other once more. Thank you so very much.
Jeff & Jean Pugh from Seattle, Washington, USA -
We can't thank you enough, our relationship was at breaking point. We KNEW we loved one another but everything seemed to be going from bad to worse. The guidance from the angels helped us understand how our fears were creating issues and that neither of us were really talking about our expectations, so we could satisfy one another. We waited some six months before posting you feedback because we wanted to make sure we had results and now we can say YES we do have results. We now talk more, laugh more, thanks for bringing us the clarity we needed.
Product Code RE-TCREL
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