Egyptian Eye of Horus Energy Activation

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Join our meditation group for relaxation and intuitive development.
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This Webinar DVD is about helping you to connect to the 5th dimensional energies to access and anchor celestial energies into your own energy field.
This webinar specifically works with the Eye of Horus energy activation to help you connect to the 5th dimension light frequencies for spiritual development.
Connecting to the 5th dimensional energies will help you recalibrate your celestial body of light so you can advance as a light worker. Working with the Eye of Horus you will be able to increase your base vibrational rate which in turn will upgrade your energy levels, assist you in downloading new codes to help build a stronger foundation in your matrix energy fields.
This webinar is a full energy alignment for your light body. As your light body is brought into alignment with these finer frequencies of light, your awareness and your ability to heal will be expanded.
Connecting with these very powerful, amazing energies, you will find your ability to experience peace, joy, abundance and harmony greatly enhanced.
If you have currently been feeling the need to: -
  • Make significant changes to the way you experience life.
  • Develop your gift of alchemy.
  • Explore new realities and energy fields to enhance your healing abilities.
  • Accelerate and upgrade your existing psychic skills.
  • Awaken your light body.
Then this webinar is for you.
Please note that spaces are limited to just 25 people. These webinars normally sell out within a 24-48 hours period, therefore booking early is important if you want to access and hold more 5D light inter-dimensional frequencies into your body so you can connect to the angels, ascended masters and other light-beings.
Come along and join us to learn how to access information on many different dimensional levels. Working with the Eye of Horus energies you will discover how to move through time to unlock hidden ancient wisdom you already possess from your past lives and how to move into a fully awakened, enlightenment being of light.


Why meditate?
Meditation works on many levels of awakening for you as an individual. 
Meditation offers you a chance to work on transforming the self. Meditation can boost your energy levels, it can increase your intuitive talents. Meditation is using the art of alchemy, when you work with alchemy, you open yourself up to new paradigms of consciousness, and new realities
Meditation is simply energy activation. It activates your inner light, increases your spiritual connections, your healing abilities and your higher consciousness abilities. 
Exploring in meditation will help you to connect to different codes of consciousness, which will empower you and assist you in your normal daily life. 
Through meditation you are able to move beyond your limitations, co-create your reality and transform your own personal energy fields.
In this up-coming meditation webinar, we will be cleansing the personal energy field, before moving into celestial healing for anchoring and activation of the light body.
This is a fabulous opportunity to heal, cleanse, transform and shift your energies, so you can move into your own state of empowerment.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Create psychological calm
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increase mental ability to focus.
  • Improves ability to sleep peacefully.
  • Helps with weight-loss.
  • Slows down the ageing process.
  • Harmonises the endocrine system
  • Builds confidence
What Is A Webinar?
A webinar is an online event that is hosted by us and broadcast over the internet to a select group of individuals through their.  (A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a "webcast", "online event" or "web seminar".)
A webinar allows us to educate, and share our class content with audiences all over the world. That's right, you can join our class in the comfort of your own home wherever you are located.   
Webinars typically have audio and visual components.  The visual component of a webinar is shared through your Internet browser.  The audio portion of a webinar is broadcast through your computers speakers.
A webinar also allows us to interact with you on a personal level.  You can ask us questions in real-time and share your experiences with the other members of the class.
If you have never joined in on a webinar, we can help you get started, we will send you all the information you need and provide you with technical support in advance of the webinar starting so that you are set up and have no difficulties.


Our webinars are based on London GMT Times.  Check out our clock below to help you see if you're able to join us: - 

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Viviane from Switzerland -
Dear Jill

thank you so much for creating and holding these webinars. It is great for someone like me who lives in Switzerland to be able to not have to travel far to be able to benefit fomr your wonderful work.

The Horus webinar was amazing. The way you guide the meditation is just perfect: your voice is very soothing and you leave enough space so that we can really get deep into our own experiences. It was as if I was in the pyramid experiencing the lower chamber, the queen's chamber and the king's chamber. First I felt almost claustrophic in the lower chamber and had to remind myself, that it was okay and that I could slowly go up higher and not feel so enclosed. The feeling changed into a sensation of almost being embrassed by the pyramid.

Going higher and higher was like an adventure. To feel the blue light filling my third eye and my body was wonderful. I don't remember it all very clearly, but I know that something deep happened.

I am very much looking forward to get the recording so that I can deepen this experience even further.

Thank you so much for your work. I am looking forward to the next webinar and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to further their spiritual experiences.

Love and light
John Flower from UK -
The Horus meditation offered me many energy experiences I haven't before witnessed.

I saw a belt of energy beneath me head, my head was throbbing gently. During most of the time there was much heat in hands, arms and feet. Visualisation in the pyramid was
truly wonderful to experience, e.g. climbing up the ladder from level to level was so very real.

I picked up the tablet which showed a golden colour. Placing the tablet on the casket showed the Eye of Horus emitting a very strong light to my third eye. Walking along a narrow corridor and seeing the flat roof was so real. Near the end of the meditation I
experienced the 'coldness' returning and a sense of oneness.
These gems can not be bought over the counter, they can be experienced with Jill's meditation low and even voice thus giving me a great memory. Many thanks John Fowler
Tammy Manzo from -
Hi Jill!
The Egyptian Activation Meditation was wonderful. I went so deep, I was in and out of consciousness all through it. At one point I saw a guide but didn't know who he was. After reading a testimonial sent to you from Mike Brennan, where he saw a Magi, I immediately recognized that that's what I saw as well. You are extremely gifted and have a loving, patient energy. Your voice and the way that you speak are supremely suited to lead guided meditations...I could listen to one of your meditations all day long. I recommend your meditations, webinars and classes to everyone who is interested in deepening their spiritual connection.
Thank you so much for all that you do!
Mike Brannan from USA -

An insight I gained upon reflection on your Egyptian meditation session this week is that 10,000 years ago or so I was a Priest of the Magi, the forerunner of the Egyptian mystery school.

This insight really explains a lot to me - why I am so attracted to Egyptian art, mythology and history; why I wear an Ankh. The session really resonated deep within my soul.
Jennifer from Australia -
Gabriel from UK -
The webinar and meditation was very good, many thanks Jill. Looking forward for the next one. With love Gabriel
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