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Energy Attunements

These energy attunements give you the opportunity to clear, heal and align yourself with a particular Archangel, Ascended Masters or Higher-Dimensional Beings Energies. These attunements will help you to expand your spiritual ability, whilst assisting you in your soul's growth on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Transcend your current level of awareness and experience an energy attunement that will help you awaken, transform and anchor into your being more light.

Archangel Celestial Attunement
Be attuned to the vibrational frequencies of your chosen Archangel for guidance, healing, support and spiritual direction.
Archangel Gabriel Angel Attunement
Expand your psychic awareness with Archangel Gabriel gain a greater sense of your purpose.
Archangel Metatron Angel Attunement
Be attuned to the vibrational frequencies of Archangel Metatron for guidance, support and spiritual direction.
Archangel Michael Energy Attunement
Remove fear and doubt, this attunement will help you begin your journey of transforming the self
Archangel Raphael Angelic Attunement
Archangle Raphael's role is to help you see, connect and move into the celestial healer. This attunement will help you to develop powerful insight into healing your life.
Archangel Raziel Abundance & Prosperity Angelic Attunement
Do you feel blocked when it comes to abundance and prosperity? Release yourself from energy blocks which may be impeding your ability to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life.  Attract abundance and prosperity into your life.