Expressing the Goddess Self - A Journey into Soul Healing with Goddess Isis DVD

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In this special meditation webinar, connect with Goddess Isis. Recover soul fragments that have been lost. Learn how to clear, open and recharge the Soul Star Chakra.
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Connect with Goddess Isis and open yourself up to the opportunity to recover soul fragments that may have been lost to old karmic contracts and soul agreements. Experience the healing temple waters which will connect you to the feminine goddess energies by clearing, opening and recharging the Soul Star Chakra. 

If your Soul Star Chakra isn't functioning correctly due to old soul imprints, this can block emotional healing, your spiritual connection and your ability to meditate.  Re-aligning your Soul Star Chakra will help energise your adrenal glands,it will fully awaken the heart chakra and detoxify the body so that you can access and open yourself up to higher, more spiritual realms.

Once your Soul Star Chakra is fully activated, journey on with Goddess Isis to visit the temples of knowledge to understand the destiny of the soul. 


In order to utilise your power and wisdom from your past lives, you need to open aspects of your Soul Star Chakra. It is the soul star chakra that enables your soul to travel not just in this universe, but also inter-dimensionally to other universes.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis learnt how to master her Soul Star Chakra. Learn how to breathe in new energies  through your Soul Star Chakra to revitalise and awaken the goddess within. Goddess Isis will assist anyone who wishes to harness the powers of love, insight, beauty, wisdom, faith, love and spiritual vision. You don’t have to be female to take advantage of this wonderful experience.

Experience Deep Emotional Healing.

When you enhance and strengthen your conscious connection to your soul star chakra you develop the ability to not only move forward and back in time, but you have the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and knowledge you will have gleaned from other lives in alternate universes.

Empower Yourself and Learn How to Use Your Special Gifts.

The soul star chakra can be located approximately four to five fingers width from the crown of the human head and it is through this chakra that your ability to heal on an emotional level is determined.

It is through the Soul Star Chakra that your ability to connect to different vibrational levels and raise your spiritual awareness is also determined.

Learn how to live the life you desire, instead of the life you’ve currently accepted.

If your Soul Star Chakra is not fully charged, aligned and balanced, this means that the amount of spiritual energies from your angels and guides is hindered from entering into your own personal energy fields. This in turns affects your abilities to be empowered, wise, artistic and creative.

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