Goddess Lakshimi - Serapis Bey - St Germaine Abundance Energy Attunement

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If you are ready to move beyond your current abundance level and embrace the divine creator within then this high-frequency energy attunement is for you.
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Are you thinking: -

Is this what my life is meant to be like?

Is this all I can achieve in the world?

When will I find happiness?

Are you tired of: -

Not being happy?

Struggling to reach the level of success you dream of?

Not having enough money?

Trying to change but not finding success?

Feeling frustrated with yourself and life?


Awaken Your Soul

Release Your Limitations

Release Your Fears




Take a few minutes out of your day and change your life!

If you are ready to move beyond your current abundance level and embrace the divine creator within then this high-frequency energy Goddess Lakshimi Abundance attunement is for you.

What will this abundance energy attunement do for you?

  • Make better decisions to enhance your abundance levels
  • Clear your karmic imprints that inhibit you from achieving abundance on all levels
  • Align and Activate your DNA Abundance codes
  • Download new light codes to imbue you with multi-dimensional abundance alignment
  • Supercharge your ability to manifest opportunities and possibilities
  • Awaken to multidimensional magic and manifestation
  • Align with the divine creator within

Are you ready to shift your reality?

This high frequency abundance attunement DNA upgrade will transform your life, it really is an absolute game changer.

This ultimate abundance energy attunement will help you access the right multi-dimensional frequencies and light codes to bring you into perfect divine abundance alignment.

Most people on the planet are unaware of the power that lies within them to enable them to access anything they want. Many people have karmic imprints that creates poverty and blockages to abundance.

This energy attunement will help you create the right vibration to create the space within your own energy fields to allow infinite multi-dimensional abundance to radiate in and through you.

This attunement will break down beliefs, human programming and karmic imprints that keep you trapped in poverty consciousness.

This energy attunement will help you reach the divine creator within and help you reach the next level in human consciousness.

During this attunement you will be charged with interconnected cosmic abundance. Experience divine love, light, joy and energy so that your DNA is completely transformed and elevated to high-frequency.

This energy attunement will change your life.

During this attunement you will: -

  • Receive a ultra-high frequency DNA abundance activation
  • Dissolve poverty consciousness karmic imprints
  • Experience a profound connection to the divine abundance light codes
  • Reset your karma from poverty to abundance on all levels
  • Shift your frequency to enable you access to your full spiritual potential
  • Release yourself from energies that limit your success
  • Awaken to joy
  • Unleash the power within you to consciously manifest your own reality

In this powerful attunement experience a powerful energy alignment with: -

  • Goddess Lakshimi the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity
  • Ascended Masters Serapis Bey and St Germaine and let them upgrade your energies so you can create a life of joy, passion, love, success and harmony. Let these highly ascended beings of light help you to increase your emotional vibration so you can feel good about yourself, follow your heart and create the abundance you desire effortlessly.

If you’re ready to experience harmony, joy, bliss, love, abundance and freedom book your attunement today.

Here’s just a few testimonials from happy clients about our services: -

BECKY A PRANTE from Castroville, CA, USA – Five Stars
A blessing to help us in our spiritual growth and transformation. This attunement to the higher energies is of great benefit to anyone who chooses to partake.

Kelly Hanson from Wiltshire – UK – Five Stars
This has really helped me. I have had a tax refund since my attunement and this helped to pay for some car work that needed doing and I also applied for a promotion with a higher rate of pay and I have just been short-listed. All in all I am very happy with my attunement and Jill was lovely. Very down to earth and she went at my pace. I didn't feel hurried at all. Thank you

Diane Kavanagh from Cambridge – UK – Five Stars
I normally don't leave feedback for things but I am blown away with the results. I thought it was nice, it was relaxing and fun. The next day I got a letter through the post and I had won a cruise. Things like this don't happen to me. The next morning I popped into a shop and I never buy lottery scratch cards but thought what the heck, so I got a £1 one and blow me I won £100. Over the past few weeks I have had a pay rise I did not expect and my husband got a promotion which means he gets more pay now too. My mum won at bingo and she gave us half of her winnings towards the cruise we're going on for spendo so thanks my luck has turned around.

Donna from New York, USA – Five Stars
Regarding attracting abundance, we usually end up paying the government a lot of money every year in taxes. We are getting something back this month from both federal and the states! A payment of excess wear and tear of $350.00 on our leased car was waived, and we are getting another payment from the government in June. Things are definitely looking up, and it all happened so quickly. I feel my possibilities are limitless.
Love and much thanks to you and Jill.............Donna


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Product Code GLaea