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Discover how easy it is to meet your guardian angels and the Archangels, for healing and guidance to life's problems by watching our Archangel Therapy master class level 1 DVD.

This DVD of master class now enables you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

The wonderful thing about angel communication, is that you don't have to be a psychic or have medium skills. Everyone can benefit from working with their angels and calling upon them in times of need.

The sole purpose of an angel is to serve Divine-will. An angel is a messenger, here to provide mankind with guidance and assistance when you're worried, and need some form of comfort direction and reassurance. Working with specific Archangels, will also enable you direction to develop wisdom, self-understanding and connection with God; Allah; Source; Creator; Light; the one conscious energy.

This does not mean denying God; Allah; Source; Creator; Light; the one conscious energy. So whatever your religion, your religious beliefs; you can still call upon an angel to intervene in your life and bring you help, answers and healing; either for yourself or others.

This Archangel Therapy master class is designed to help you work with your angels; and isn't about worshiping them.

How will this Master Classes help you?

By learning how to communicate with your angels, you will find how you can live a more fulfilled happy life. These Archangel Therapy master classes, which have been channelled directly through various Archangels by a modern day prophet and Avatara, (Jill Harrison) are fun classes which will show you how you can recognise, and interpret what they are saying to you.

The more aware you become of your guardian angels and the Archangels, the more you'll be able to develop a sense of inner peace and calm, which helps you to deal more effectively with your day-to-day life. By learning how to work with different Archangel energies, you will be able to transform negative, quarrelsome environments, into peaceful ones, Thereby limiting the possibility of arguments and quarrels.

If you've lost something, you can call on your angels to help you find the missing object. If you've a dilemma over relationships, or your career, by learning how to invoke a specific archangel for assistance and blessings, you'll be able to find the answer that is right for you. You only have to ask your angels and they will help you all they can, even where finances are concerned.

Angels will help you to manifest miracles into your daily life. By attending these master classes, you will awaken within you, your true potential, so that you evolve spiritually and physically.

Allow yourself the opportunity to work with the angelic realm in these master classes, and bridge the gap between our world and God; Allah; Source; Creator; Light; the one conscious energy. If you've ever wondered who you are, why you're here, what your soul's purpose it, this Archangel Therapy Master Class Level 1 can help you, step by step, to claim the answers that have gone unanswered for so long.

By learning to transport yourself spiritually to each Archangel's planetary grid temple, you will also be able to draw upon the strong energies, so you can achieve:-

  • Inspiration
  • Guidance
  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Healing
  • Vitality

Learn how to explore your intuitive gifts in this master class and how to harness their healing energy. Allow your angels to bring you new insight.

Discover the key to your happiness and how to overcome the pain of life’s daily grind. Get personal angelic guidance and wisdom on all the subjects of your life, such as relationships, health, career, finance and spiritualness.

Do you want to know why your life's not running smoothly?
Are you ready to spiritually grow and improve your life?
Want to understand more about your angels, what and who they are?

Change your life forever with angel communication skills at our master classes.

Destiny brought you here to these master classes for a reason. Are you ready to attend a life-changing experience that will allow you to discover a host of answers to life’s greatest questions. What greater gift could you give yourself or another?

Would you like to...

Experience what it's like to have been touched by an angel?
Discover who your Guardian Angel is and meet them?
Learn how to communicate with your angels?
Have a personal two-way conversation with your angels?
Receive comfort from the spirit world?
Unblock your spiritual progress?
Re-balance your life?
Get a different perspective to your life's problems?
Change your future for the better?
Achieve deep meditation to enhance your spiritual awareness?
Fulfil your true potential?
Know what your life's purpose is?

Do any of the following sound at all familiar?

  • "It doesn't seem to matter how many times I meditate, I still don't feel anything."
  • "I don't know how to communicate with angels."
  • "I wish my angel would give me a sign."
  • "Sometimes I get the feeling my Guardian Angel is there, but I'm not sure."
  • "How come I don't hear my angel talk to me?"
  • "I don't know why I'm here and what I'm supposed to be doing with my life."
  • "Why is it, I feel unfulfilled?"
  • "I just want some reassurance that everything's going to be alright."
  • "Why do I always tend to make the wrong decision?"
  • "How come, I feel as though I don't belong here?"
  • "I'm frightened of what the future holds."
  • "Is there really life after death?"
  • "Why can't I be happy?"
  • "Do I have psychic abilities?"
  • "Why do people always take advantage of my kindness?"
  • "I feel unworthy and have little confidence in myself."
  • "I want to change my life but don't know how."

In this Archangel Therapy Master Class:-

This first master class is taught by Jill Harrison, who is in direct contact with the highest Divinity of the angelic realm: the I AM presence:- Archangel Metatron.

Very few people on this planet have access to Metatron. Jill talks with him almost daily. She also communicates with many other Archangels, angels and spirit guides.

Jill is referred to by Metatron as an Avatara. This is a special person chosen by the Godhead, to deliver messages for the better well being of Mankind on Planet Earth.

Archangel Metatron has recently added that Jill is a level 12 medium, from a scale of 1 - 12, meaning Jill is the clearest channel possible.

Whilst Jill is very special, she is also reminded that all people are equal. No-one is better than anyone else, and should her ego get the better of her, she will be excluded from connection to the angelic realm.

Here's what you'll discover in this first Achangel Therapy Master Class:

  • What an angel/archangel/ascended master/spiritual guide is.
  • Discover the angel hierarchy, their role in the Universe.
  • Discover how they are here to help you.
  • Discover their role on this planet for you.
  • Understand why some people refer to them as he and she for the same Archangel.
  • Learn the structure of the angelic realm and what each entity is for.
  • Discover how the angelic realm relate to their hierarchy and position.
  • Discover the 'I AM' presence.
  • Creating your Angel Altar and other angel tools including crystals and aromatherapy essences to help you connect.
  • Learn how to use items to inspire you to feel connected with your angels. Discover how you can achieve alignment with them.
  • Learn how to create your own angel cards so you can draw on them for spiritual help and inspiration.
  • Discover what angel words are and how to use them.
  • Learn how to make your own Archangel Calendar Cards to assist you in contacting them.
  • Auras.. What they are. How to cleanse them; and why.
  • Discover what an aura really is and why there is a need to cleanse it.
  • Learn about the negative energies your aura can attract and what you should do.
  • Communicating with your angels.
  • An exercise to make initial contact. Learn angel invocation.
  • Learn about the 9 signs around you that indicate your angels are with you.
  • Participate in a guided meditation to help you connect with your guardian angel. Join in a group discussion to share your experiences of the meditation.
  • Learn how to ask questions you need answers to from your guardian angel
  • 15 tips on how to communicate with your angels, including the importance of colours.
  • Your spiritual gifts.
  • Discover the strength of your clairvoyance and what this means to you.
  • Discover the strength of your clairaudience and what this means to you.
  • Discover the strength of your clairsentience/healing and what this means to you.
  • Discover the strength of your prophecy and what this means to you.
  • Understand how to harness the power of M.B.O.'s
  • Discover how to have a two-way conversation with your guides and angels.

Contents of this Master Class:-

1 Downloadable Video
All Meditations in MP3 format that accompany this course.
Audio Programme - How To connect to Angels
Downloadable manual in PDF Format.





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Joel Janvier from Hollywood Fl USA -
Hello Everyone,
After several months of meditation, I have been looking for a most effective or formal way to establish a two way communication with my guardian Angel. This class filled my expectations. The "Yes/No" method and the Most Benevolent Outcome lists are the most relevant things that I learn from this class. And yet I am looking forward for the second Master class for the series.
Thanks to Jill, thanks to all the spirits who work very hard to make this happened.

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