How To Live A Life of Joy - Six Steps to Self-Mastery Programme - 6 Modules - Begins 8th September

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Our thoughts and beliefs determine our ability to feel fulfilled and happy. Join and discover how to develop a greater sense of self, tap into your own inner power and leave the past behind. In this powerful webinar programme you will be shown how to remove the blockages which have hindered you from living the life you deserve. Join us and discover how to develop self-mastery.
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Are you fed up of...

  • Avoiding conflict?
  • Not feeling good enough to achieve your dreams?
  • Wondering when your life is going to begin?
  • Being bullied?
  • Giving your power away?
  • Waiting for true love to come along?
  • Attracting the wrong people into your life?
  • Feeling pain attached to your past experiences?
  • Feeling angry with the world?
  • Not achieving your dreams?
  • Not reaching your fullest potential?
  • Feeling alone and misunderstood?

If any of the above resonate with you, then you need this master class.

Our level of confidence and self-esteem determines our abilty to feel fulfilled and happy. Join and discover how to develop self confidence, tap into your own inner power and leave the past behind.

In this powerful webinar programme you will be shown how to remove the blockages which have hindered you from living the life you deserve. Join us and discover how to develop self-mastery.

In this master class we will explore and uncover the true you and show you how to get in touch with your strengths and use them so you can let go of the past, the pain, and begin living a life of joy and abundance. This webinar programme is designed to help you develop a greater sense of self-esteem, positivity, along with helping you learn how you can successfuly handle life's challenges.  

If you feel you have sold yourself short, or you're not living the life you thought you would, grab yourself a seat and learn some simple but highly effective ways in which you can easily and quickly begin to change your life for the better.

This master class will help support you in recognising what you do want and what you don’t want in your life. We will look at relating potentials and how to recognise the behaviours others use to control us. During this webinar programme we will share, explore, laugh and help you discover the wondrous fabulous person that is waiting within your soul.

To begin to heal, you have to be willing to work on yourself, so if your life isn’t working, come along, roll up your sleeves and let us help you work on you and become the best you can be.

Class Programme:-

  • Beginning the healing process
  • Beginning at the Beginning
  • Entering The Truth Portal
  • The power of Acknowledgement
  • Who I AM & What I Want
  • Getting rid of the Rubbish and Letting Go
  • Moving into Love - Transforming who you are into who you want to be.
  • Identifying what you do that sabotages your relationships.
  • Essential keys to having what you want.
  • Going from being in the 1% physical world to manifesting in the 99% spiritual world.
  • Why success eludes us.
  • Packing your cosmic tools into your suitcase.
  • Beginning Your New Journey
  • Enjoying the Journey
  • Dream Big and achieving your dreams

Embracing change is difficult at the best of times, but as spiritual beings we deserve and owe it to ourselves to be the best that we can be. By identifying faulty beliefs, programming from parents, society and our peers, we can move from disempowerment into empowerment.Once we've done this, we can then arm ourselves with cosmic tools which takes from being limited to experiencing unlimited potential.

If you are stuck believing that where you are born, your level of education and your family dictate the amount of success you can have in your life, think again! The universe holds formation codes which if used and embraced correctly, it will mean your life moves from being controlled to you being the Chief Executive Officer of your life and discovering just how brilliant you really are.

Discover why success and abundance often seems elusive. In this master class we will show you the missing ingredients that so many others fail to use to maintain the success they had in the first place.

Through this master class we will help support you step-by-step through the mists of confusion so that you can see clearly and begin to manifest the life you were always capable of creating, but did not know how to.

This master class is for:-

  • People who struggle in relationships and attract the wrong partners.
  • People who are afraid to express themselves.
  • People who are always taken advantage of by others.
  • People who can't understand why they keep missing opportunities.
  • People who are angry, frustrated or feeling an outsider.
  • People who have trouble asserting themselves.

This master class is for anyone who wants to give themselves the opportunity to grow and evolve into a greater spiritual, loving, successful person.

If you want your life to be re-energised and you are ready to achieve a life that fills your needs, book onto this class now. How different would your life be, if you were confident, loved yourself and had high self-esteem?  Don't waste another precious minute of your life feeling unfulfilled, invest in yourself, invest in your future and start living the life you were meant to have.

This Webinar Programme Is Internet Based - Join us from the comfort of your own home
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30pm UK London Time

Modules & Dates: -

Module 1 - Thursday 8 September 2016
Module 2 - Thursday 15 September 2016
Module 3 - Thursday 22 September 2016
Module 4 - Thursday 29 September 2016
Module 5 - Thursday 6 October 2016
Module 6 - Thursday 13 October 2016



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HJM from Yorkshire, UK -
Oustanding. Clear information with time to ask questions and clarification on personal situation. The demonstration/examples of situations. Loved the behaviour type. It helps with knowing and understanding people in my life.
Sue Scott from Derbyshire, UK -
Excellent range of topics/aspects covered. Insight into personality types and behaviours. Clear strategies given. The whole course was well structured and relevant and opened my eyes to other possibilities. Given me lots to think about and work on.
Steve Stocks from Suffolk, UK -
Anne Morris from Lincolnshire, UK -
Excellent, very well set out, presented and delivered. Comprehensive manual for a very useful reference. Most interesting was DISC. I enjoyed Glenn's humour in his delivery.
Nicole Johns from Bawtry, UK -
The master class was methodical, clear explanations, fun and a comfortable environment to share ideas. A lovely atmosphere. Very inspiration. I will definitely revisit and read again and tai action. The parts I found most interesting were affirmations, transforming who you are, into who you want to be. Different behavariours, identifying the four areas and how best to communicate with them, get the best out of them i.e.: in the class room.
Thank you both for a comfortable environment and challenging/informative weekend. Normally I say nothing, so you can see how 'at ease' you make this time together!
Leanne Livesey from Burnley, Lancs -
Learning affirmations, repetition work, meeting new like minded people, body language, outstanding master class, thank you for the motivation and inspiration - Look forward to my new life :-)
Holly from Padiham, UK -
I have learnt a lot about myself and let go of the past. I feel that I can move on. The parts I found most useful were realising everything is a choice. I AM a queen, I can be what ever I want also enjoyed the behaviour. Thank you Jill & Glenn, I really appreciate you having me on your douse and I hope to see you again. Outstanding/Excellent!!
Jane Ireland from Lancs -
Gave me tools to move forward, thank you, thank you, thank you. Excellent discussions, feel welcomed by you both, feel your warm endearing energies and knowledge will help me vastly. look forward to coming back soon. Very professional, well structured course!
Helen Martin from Sheffield, UK -
I learnt so much and it reinforced what I already know. The essential key to having what you want helped me plan batter. Glenn was brilliant and the learning was very useful.
Chantel Harris from Worksop, UK -
It gives insight into how you behave and other's behave, how we can heal ourselves and become more positive to achieve what we need to achieve in life and move forward. Enjoyed Glenn talking about behavioural traits and jill talking about the power of thought and acknowledgement. It has been a really interesting weekend and lovely to meed different people with the same goal in life.
Product Code WEB-SEMPP
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