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This master Class is a 4-Day course taught over two weekend periods. 

Come along to our wonderful Intuitive Tarot Master Class and discover that you CAN learn how to read tarot cards, using your own natural intuitive ability.

Most Tarot seminars or Tarot workshops will often talk about how to read the Tarot and do their best to sell you up to buying yet another 'how to read Tarot cards' book.

Not on this Master Class. Everyone has intuition, and you'll be amazed how easy it actually is. Imagine never having to pay for a tarot card reading again!

The added bonus is, that if you invest enough time in practising, you'll eventually be able to use your skills to earn part-time income should you wish to.

Tarot Card Reading is Ancient!

For centuries, people have looked to those who can read the cards, to help them face future events and gain better insight into what is happening in the now. As more and more people are awakening to the realisation that science doesn't hold all the answers, they are becoming more open to the idea of consulting the Tarot, to help them make informed decisions that resonate with their own intuition.

Hidden Symbols within the Tarot

There is no magic in the Tarot cards, but the symbols contained within each card, connects to a facet of human life that everyone can relate to. The power of the Tarot lies in its ability to offer significant direction, and in this Master Class, you'll venture into the world of symbolism, so that you're able to answer life's questions, and find meaning in the direction you are taking.

This Master Class offers you the opportunity to learn from Jill Harrison, a professional Tarot reader and Psychic Medium, with over 25 years experience.

This class will help you to understand the meaning of the Tarot, and then if you wish to perfect the art, you will have to be willing to practice. Remember that many people may be able to play the piano, but it takes hours of practice if you wish to be a concert pianist.

Discover the secret of the Tarot...

Let Jill Harrison, your tutor, show you how to access the secrets that lie within the Tarot, and how to properly interpret a Tarot card spread. 

Each card will be individually discussed, to provide you with the most information possible, in order to enable you to do a proper reading.

This wonderful Master Class breaks everything down for you, so that you will easily be able to learn all you need to be an expert Tarot Card Reader.

In this Master Class we will be using the most popular Tarot Card Deck,- The 'Rider-Waite', as the basis, for card reading because the illustrations and pictures are easy to understand. However, if you have a Tarot pack that you're particularly attuned to, you can use if you wish. 

You Can Start Learning to Read Tarot Cards!

Why spend hours, weeks and even months reading books trying to learn how to read the Tarot cards?

With our Master Class you've no need to go to the book shop or local library. 

You'll also share your experiences with others, and the more ideas everyone has, the more you gain from this powerful Master Class.

Master Class Module One

The morning session Day 1 …

    You'll discover:

        The history of the Tarot.
        The importance of creating healthy spiritual practices.
        The Major Arcana.

The afternoon session Day 1 ...

    You'll discover how to interpret:

        The Fool .
        The Magician .
        The High Priestess.
        The Emporer.
        The Empress.
        The Heirophant.
        The Lovers.
        The Chariot.

Please note that this Master Class is a day full of spiritual exercises to help you prepare for reading the tarot.

The morning session Day 2 …

    You'll discover how to interpret:

        The Hermit .
        Wheel of Fortune .
        The Hanged Man.
        The Devil.
        The Tower.

The afternoon session Day 2 ...

You'll discover how to interpret:

    The Star.
    The Moon.
    The Sun.
    The World.


How to do a past, present and future reading, and how to do a celtic cross reading with a six month forecast.

Master Class 2nd Session

This second session master class follows on from level 1 by introducing you to the Minor Arcana, specifically learning to understand the meaning of the Swords, Wands, Pentacles and Cups. Jill will go through in detail each of the cards within these suits, but in a way that allows you to develop your intuition, so that you know how to access the secrets that lie within, and how to properly interpret a Tarot Card spread incorporating these cards.

The power of the Tarot lies in its ability to offer significant direction, and in this Master Class you'll venture into the world of symbolism. It is in learning to interpret the symbolism within the cards, which is often so much more important, thus enabling you to answer life's questions, and find meaning in the direction you are taking. 

This wonderful Master Class breaks everything down for you, with each of the Minor Arcana being discussed to provide you with the most information possible. You will have the opportunity to bring the cards together, including the Major Arcana cards learnt on level one, by practicing various spreads.

You will finish the course with a most thorough and in depth analysis of the these two suits, and renewed practice with the Major Arcana cards. By investing your time, and with practice, you will easily be able to learn all you need to be an expert Tarot Card reader.

Day 1 - You'll discover how to interpret:

The Swords & Wands of the Minor Arcana

Day 2 - You'll discover how to interpret:

The Pentacles & Cups of the Minor Arcana

Registration is at 9.30am, for a 10.00am start, and we will be finished by around 5pm. Full venue details will be sent to you on booking. Full board accommodation is available.

Small classes... Maximum number of people for this Master Class is 24 - To ensure you don't miss out please book early to avoid disappointment.




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Barb M from Colchester -
This has been a life saver for me. I was struggling to grasp the tarot and any blocks I had, have been removed. I committed to reading for myself and family and now six months on, I read for people at work, family friends and many others too. I felt nervous about charging, but as you said, nothing given freely is valued. That spare bit of money has grown and I have now been asked to read at a local pub. Thank you so much I love doing readings and having the ability to consider this as another option for work is brilliant. Couldn't have done this without you, the advice you gave on setting up was particularly useful.
Cheryl C from Newcastle, UK -
Amazing - I have not experienced something this rewarding in such a long time. It has filled in all the missing links. Such a great variety of spreads which were fun to do. Most importantly as a teacher you are so grounded, no airs and graces, just so practical, so inspiring you taught us all so well. Highly recommended! Love Cheryl
M.H from UK -
Outstanding, the knowledge that the course has given me will help me be successful. The knowledge you pass on will help others and not just me. A big thank you. Thank you for making me feel very welcome.
Janet J from Newark, UK -
Jill was painstaking in passing across her knowledge of the tarot. Thank you Jill for all your perseverance and patient. Small class size was perfect for me. It gave me more confidence to ask questions.
Karen D from Lincoln -
Outstanding, it was a small class so we covered a lot and there was no fear of asking equations because it was a trusting and supportive group with a brilliant teacher.
Gela from Lincoln -
This wasn't a listen and learn it was a feel and learn. The approach is spot on. Working with and building on your own intuition is totally relevant for gaining confidence in your ability to understand and convey the meanings of the cards. I learnt so much outstanding.
Zofia J from Nottingham -
The parts I found most interesting were being in an environment where I could go through the cards slowly and more patiently than I would by myself. it was useful to see other people's perspectives on what cards mean and get a more rounded picture.
Jean C from Doncaster, UK -
All of it was outstanding. Totally interesting, informative Day. Classes held in relaxed atmosphere at a pace to suit all attendees. Excellent information and explanations.
James M from Worksop, Notts, UK -
Friendly and approachable and have given me more understanding of the tarot.
Deborah H from Rotherham, Sth Yorkshire -
Outstanding, everything, a truly extraordinary and enjoyable way to spend a weekend. Loved giving and receiving the readings. Lovely, clear delivery. informative, lovely people.
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