Intuitive Tarot Level 3

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This Master Class offers you the opportunity to learn from a professional Tarot Reader and Psychic Medium, with over 25 years experience.
Jill Harrison is a gifted Avatara: a medium who is given messages from The Divine for the benefit of mankind. 

Jill can teach you how to unlock your spiritual potential, and instinctively read The Tarot. 

This class follows on from classes 1 and 2, and completes the full meaning of all the cards, by helping you to understand the meaning of the Pentacles and the Cups, of the Minor Arcana. Jill will go through in detail each of the cards within these suits, but in a way that allows you to develop your intuition, so that you know how to access the secrets that lie within, and how to properly interpret a Tarot Card spread. 

The power of The Tarot lies in its ability to offer significant direction, and in this Master Class you'll venture into the world of symbolism. As discovered in classes 1 and 2, learning to interpret the symbolism is most important, so that you're able to answer life's questions, and find meaning in the direction you are taking. 

The secrets of The Tarot don't just lie in the meanings found within books. This about connecting with that power that each of us possess, and it is in tapping into this intuitive power, that you will find the Tarot most rewarding.

This wonderful Master Class with Jill Harrison breaks everything down for you, with each of the Major Arcana, and all the Minor Arcana cards being brought together to provide you with the most information possible. This being put into practice by experiencing many varied card spreads.

You will finish the course with a most thorough and in depth analysis of the Tarot, and by investing your time, and with practice, you will easily be able to learn all you need to be an expert Tarot Card reader.

Day 1 - You'll discover how to interpret:

The Pentacles of the Minor Arcana

Day 2 - You'll discover how to interpret: 

The Cups



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Michelle H from Leicestershire -
Outstanding. The knowledge that this course has given me will help me be successful, in fact, the knowledge you pass on will help others and not just me; a big thank you. The part I found most useful and interesting was learning from the pictures on the cards. As always, thank you for making me feel very welcome.
Janet J from Newark -
Jill was painstaking in passing across her knowledge of the Tarot. Thank you Jill for all your perseverance and patience! The most useful and interesting aspects of this course were classes two and three. The small class size was also perfect for me, as it gave me more confidence to ask questions.
Karen D from Lincoln -
This class was outstanding. It was a very small class so we covered a lot, and there was no fear of asking questions because it was a trusting and supportive group, with a brilliant teacher! Finding out more about spirit guides; who they are and how to build on that relationship, was very interesting. It was also very interesting and useful to work with other Tarot decks.
L Glaisher from Sheffield -
I'm so glad that I came to ALL the Tarot classes. I really feel confident that I can do it now. Reading the cards and having Jill give me feedback was most useful. Thank you Jill fro being an inspirational teacher.
Angela W from Mansfield -
Listening to my own intuition and trusting what comes up, and then seeing how the cards relate to my life cycle was WOW! Thank you for your patience and the in depth notes. I really enjoyed the weekend, especially the conclusion, having the group of spirits joining us and giving messages.
D Hartley from Rotherham -
I found practicing the different reading spreads really interesting.
Melissa Brakel from Northampton -
I found doing the practice readings most useful and interesting, in fact I wanted more!
Marjorie from Northallerton -
Jill's way of putting information across is innovative, and the manual is a brilliant addition. I fully enjoyed the course and would not hesitate to attend others. Would certainly recommend to others.
Ian Newton from Sheffield -
Thank you Jill for a fantastic weekend, I enjoyed it all xx
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