Kabbalah Soul Path Reading

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Find out and recognise your life tasks as well as the true causes of any health issues. When the soul is no longer listened to - … the body starts to speak!!!
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The Kabbalah Soul Path Reading will excite you and enrich your life!
Learn more about the meaning of your life and your aim in life.
  • Are you in a life crisis?
  • Do you want to find the meaning of your life?
  • Do you want to remove blockages or even get well again?

Find out and recognise your life tasks as well as the true causes of any health issues. When the soul is no longer listened to the body starts to speak!!!
You are in the right place if the answer is YES to any of the above questions!

This sentence describes what Kabbalah Soul Path is all about. The point is to learn about the soul’s desires and then live them out, so that illness and problems will not become evident.

In this powerful reading, your soul’s life will be revealed and the lessons it needs to complete. You’ll also discover the type of illness and problems you may experience if these tasks are not fulfilled. Therefore by using this reading and helping your soul complete its mission, you may be able to prevent your health problems or an illness forming.

You will be absolutely amazed to discover what this reading reveals about yourself!!!
A Kabbalah Soul Path reading enables you to know the purpose of your life, eg.
  • To be loving, rather than insisting on having one’s own way
  • Life in uniqueness; self-determination without being subjected to other people’s rules and laws
  • To develop an intuitive heart sensitivity
If these are neglected, the unused energy becomes bodily evident in the form of an illness or problem. Instead of merely fighting against the illness, it is now possible to strive to achieve and fulfil one’s life goals. Therefore, energy is correctly re-directed, thereby eliminating the cause of illness, so illness is eradicated.
Through your personalised KabbalahSoul Path you will discover:
  • What tasks you have to learn and what these entail
  • How and where your attention is drawn back to neglected tasks
  • Learn what your Karma is
  • Know which strengths and weaknesses you should work.
The Kabbalah Energy diagram

You will be absolutely astounded about the relevant statements revealed in your personally designed book. You will receive precious information, which will assist you in understanding your current situation and discover ways to improve it including….
A total of a 40 - 50 pages, which describes exactly your connected energy flow as well as your life tasks and goals.

… interprets and explains your Life tasks!

This is a sample of a Kabbalah energy picture. The idea behind this diagram is as follows: Prior to incarnation, the soul chose certain learning tasks it wishes to learn and fulfil. In order to fulfil these tasks, we are given the necessary energy - however, we have freewill and can say: ‘I don’t wish to learn this!’

The soul gives warning signals for exactly such a case. These warning signals can be either physical or psychological ailments, which want to tell us: ‘You are doing something wrong!’. This energy diagram clearly portrays graphically what life tasks your soul has intended to pursue. Wrong thinking and handling is indicated on the diagram.
The Kabbalah Tree of Life

Three key statements emerge from the Tree of Life Analysis. From your given name, middle name / surname and date of birth, your life topics can be discovered and understood. The topic of origin, also known as Karma, reveals the purpose of your current incarnation. These three themes accompany you throughout your entire life.
The Tree of Life is a graphic portrayal of the 10 universal original forces.

... is the central diagram of the Kabbalah, from which further information about the person’s soul may be learned.

Order your reading today, once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation of your order and request from you certain information.  Please note that your personal details are only used in order to prepare your Kabbalah Soul Path Reading and will under no circumstances, be passed on to a third party.

Please note: This is an email reading and it will be emailed to you

IMPORTANT **** Please do not reorder this reading for yourself if you have already
purchased this reading for yourself before. This reading is based on your soul's
entry point into the world and is not based on future events. 




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M.Y. from Japan -
I have long wanted to know the purpose of my life and whether I am doing what I am supposed to. I fee I have got the answers! There were things I did not like about myself and my life, but now I feel I can accept them just as they are; they are all in my soul plan that I chose myself! The reading is so profound and informative that I have been carrying the pdf around with me, reading it over and over. I am so happy and grateful that Jill did this work for me! Thank you!!
Kate (Karen) Rogers from USA -
I knew nothing about the Kabbalah.

I have been on my Path since 1987 and see my inner work as a top priority.

This reading was outstanding. I have had two parallel starseed readings from Jill; both of which were of immense help to delve deeper into the nuances and subtleties of inner growth and transformation. I believe strongly in the multidimensional nature of the soul and Jill's work again has proven a wonderful mirror into what I need to see and change and even how to; positively, with a light heart, and a zeal and joy for life.

I do have one question and I felt when I first read it, I was receiving a little heads up - like, don't be in a hurry; take your time going up and own stairs (when the vision has been hurting oneself falling down the stairs.) Jill said I was to be cautious in dealing with the element of fire - lightning, electricity, everything combustible and explosive.

In my long distance Body Talk today my fear of the fire element came up.

Do I need to know any more about this? It really stuck out as an odd inclusion and clearly something I needed to know. In the whole reading it was all about confidence and courage and going for the new ideas. Being cautious does stand out. Does anything further need saying on it?

Stellar channelling and presentation.

Very grateful, Kate (Karen) Rogers
Karen from Cheshire, UK -
Wow to say this reading is good is an understatement!! This reading was done for me a few years ago but I clearly wasn't ready to receive or understand at the time so only now am I revisiting and reviewing (sorry Jill!).
The life events, issues and health problems listed are all so accurate, even down to when they began to manifest at certain periods in my life. I only really started to 'wake up' properly at the beginning of this year, 2016, and now I can really see the full benefit of this reading. My soul wanted me to follow a spiritual path a long time ago and I ignored it or didn't realise/never had the time, the reasons behind issues and certain health problems and how they manifested are as plain as day now because I know that it was because I was ignoring my souls true path. Now I'm waking up things are getting so much better! There is so much information in this reading it can seem a bit overwhelming at first but stick with it as it gives you such insight on so many levels. If you are ready and willing to learn and accept your soul's lessons you will love this!
Michele Wright from Devon -
Great value for money, WOW a huge document with loads of information. I have had mine now for a few weeks now and I am still working through it. I have found that due to the volume of information I have needed to take my time to read and understand it. 5 stars
Hannah Thompson from Surrey, UK -
You can't get a more detailed reading anywhere than this. The information supplied does take time to go through, I had 47 pages of amazing and eye-opening guidance and every part of the guidance given was so helpful to why I had the issues I had and how I could heal myself and clear the blockages. I have waited six months before posting a review because I wanted to give myself time to go through everything and see if the guidance worked. I have worked diligently with the information and most of my issues are now gone. I am a completely different person and my life has improved ten-fold. If you're prepared to follow the guidance and work on yourself this reading will give you the ability to heal your life, yourself and your soul.
Brendan Hill from USA -
I personally resonate more with the angel readings Jill does. However, I still felt like this was accurate. It contains over 50 pages of material so it's well worth the price. It might be a little too scientific or detailed for some people though.
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