Karma Psychic Reading

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In this psychic karma reading, trance-channel Jill Harrison will channel Archangel Metatron to reveal your current karmic challenge. Karma can hold us back, if however we are able to understand our karmic debts and work to resolve them, we can create a spiritual shift which enables us to transform our lives.
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Set your soul free!
In this reading Archangel Metatron will reveal your current karmic challenge (the divine quest) that is guiding you on your spiritual path.

It is important that you recognise the catalyst of your current karmic challenge and how you can overcome your quest.

Archangel Metatron will reveal the guidance that is being offered from the angelic realm to help you on your path towards mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

At the end of this reading Archangel Metatron will reveal what you will achieve if you complete this quest and the negative effects should you fail to embrace this particular lesson.

Please note that this reading should be revisited every 12 months, preferably upon your birthday, as each year you will face a new karmic challenge.




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Brendan Hill from USA -
I'm always amazed by Jill's readings! I seriously feel like the angels are speaking directly to me - without question. It's almost like I'm thinking the same thoughts at the same time as I read them. For instance, I already knew that I lack stability because my mind is all over the place - but what I didn't know was that there is another way to be conscious. I learned from this reading that it's possible to live my life from my soul perspective, and not from my mind.
Product Code RE-KARMA
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