Kundalini Awakening - Kundalini Activation

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Move into pure awareness, connect with your inner spirit and move beyond the confines of space and time to access, awaken and activate your divine energy in this powerful webinar.
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Kundalini Energy - Unlocking Your Psychic Energy
Tuesday 11 June 2019 @ 8pm London GMT Time

Within all of us lies a source of power that many of us fail to utilise. Hidden in the root chakra, which lies at the base of your spine, is a energy portal, which when opened, will enable you to quickly access higher states of consciousness. 

If you've been looking to:-

  • Advance your knowledge of how to work with psychic energy or expand your own psychic energy.
  • Access psychic energy information for personal guidance.
  • Access information on a multi-dimensional level.
  • View past, present and future events.
  • Predict the future with accuracy.
  • Develop confidence in energy work.
  • Become more fully awakened.
  • Unlock your psychic potential.
  • Define the difference between intuition and illusionary information.
  • Master your consciousness

Then investing part of your time in awakening and activating your kundalini energy is essential. Whether you are just venturing into psychic development, actively in a state of development, or you already consider yourself a professional, if you want to raise your standards of excellence or work towards excellence in psychic work, kundalini energy work is key to helping your go from average to a level of excellence.

Your Kundalini energy is like a coil and when awakened, it travels up through the spinal column releasing, clearing and strengthening your energy levels.  Once the kundalini energy has been awakened and activated , it enables you to reach a higher state of enlightenment where spiritual knowledge and accurate psychic visions become easy to access.

There are many different names by which the kundalini energy is known. Some refer to it as Shakti energy. In Japan it is referred to as 'Ki' energy, in China 'Chi' energy. The Masons would refer to Kundalini energy as 'Spirit Fire'. 

Throughout history, ancient civilisations, religious teachings have informed us that we hold within us Divine Power. Your Kundalini energy is your divine power. 

When the Kundalini energy is awakened it travels through the spinal column and up into the base of the skull before entering into the brain and clearing and activating the pineal gland. 

Kundalini work is a powerful energy which assists you in your personal power. Just as food, water and oxygen are vital to the physical body, our chakra energies and the Kundalini energies are essential to ensuring our senses operate at optimum levels. 

What are the benefits of awakening and activating the Kundalini energy?

The process of awakening the Kundalini helps you to become clear about who you are, and what you want out of life. Many people report having more energy, clearer thoughts, they feel happier in themselves, they notice their health levels are improved and that when they meditate their ability to access information which is accurate is greatly enhanced.

Exploring and working to improve your kundalini energy is a way of helping you to move into deeper processes for transformation, and in that transformation, we learn more about how we can be of service to ourselves, others and the world. 

If you'd like to take your spiritual development to the next level, then join us for this amazing webinar

You will move into pure awareness, connect with your inner spirit and move beyond the confines of space and time to access, awaken and activate your divine energy. 

Comments from Previous Participants:-

Gabriel - felt tingling over my head.

Chantel Harris - Jill that was really good, I felt a lot of warmth in my heart.

Sandra Harris - As you said it was a deep meditation and I feel quite spaced out

Judy Crane - Lovely energies, thank you, heart peaceful.Wonderful webinar.

Karen Ellner - Was very good thank you. I  felt my Kundalini rise.

Jennifer Neilson - It was so calming - felt such peace in my heart.

Ruth Thornton - Very deep meditation third eye active and very very hot  yes felt hot energy rising up into my heart and out through crown chakra.

Claire Norsworthy - I had hands on my shoulders before we began and became very warm. Saw lots of colours .

Janet James - Warmth and tingling lots of energy.

Christine - Very much enjoyed it after that. Warm and relaxed.

Kris Hippey - Feel very calm and stronger in myself, very warm feeling all over

Jennifer Neilson - Thank you Jill for a fantastic experience.



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Becky from California -
I did not attend the webinar but purchased the Download. I am happy that I did for this is a meditation which I will use again and again until I feel the process is complete. The DVD is taken in stages it is a clearing of the chakras, expanding , activating and working on our DNA before even beginning the raising of the kundalini. It is a powerful yet gentle process, which prepare so that the process is not jolting like some experience. I highly recommend this DVD.
Wow I got this yesterday and did it last night, very powerful meditation and energy cant wait to do it again. Thanks Jill for another wonderful experience.
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