Lemurian Starseed Crystal Grid Set

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Twelve Lemurian Starseed Clear Quartz Crystal Points for healing, manifesting and spiritual acceleration. 
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Twelve Lemurian Starseed Clear Quartz Crystal Points for healing, manifesting and spiritual acceleration. 

Use these to help you create your own powerful and transformational crystal grids or to assist you in your spiritual work. If you are into crystal healing, working with crystals, these are master healing crystals.
  • Average length of each crystal point is between 2.5 and 3.5cm - Width 0.5-1cm (Normal retail each £7.00)
  • Medium sizes are between 1cm - 1.5cm in width and in length 3cm - 4cm (Normally £9.00 each)

Why use Lemurian Starseed Crystals?

Lemurian Seed Crystals have distinct grooves like a ladder in them and range in a variety of colours like pink, clear, smoke, blue and apricot. Lemurian Seed crystals have a very special high vibration. Long believed to have appeared on Earth from the High Priestesses of Lemuria, it is believed these crystals contain a very high consciousness energy and hold powerful ancient wisdom from the times of Lemuria. Each crystal is said to contain libraries of information in crystallised form from the wisdom of Lemuria. Many believe the ridges in these crystals are the energy codes, similar to a bar code and when used correctly, the users of the crystals will be bestowed spiritual gifts and ancient knowledge from Lemuria and the high priestesses. 

Working with these crystals gives you an opportunity to accelerate your own spiritual growth or healing abilities and connect with the universal life force energies.


Lemurian Starseed Crystals are master healing crystals. They can help you to: -
  • Clears energy blockages and correct the imbalances
  • Align and harmonise your energy fields
  • Soothes and heals physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Release toxins and poisons from the body
  • Remove energy blocks that affect the circulatory energy system
  • Clears and aligns your chakras
  • Treat disorders of the blood, endocrine and lymphatic systems
  • May help to restrict growth of tumours,ganglions etc
  • Aids people with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduces stress
  • Removes negative energies
  • Protects from psychic or negative energy attacks
  • Balance polarities
  • Promotes cellular memory healing
  • Accelerate manifestation
  • Access higher spiritual knowledge
  • Connect you to spirit guides, ascended masters and angels
  • Clear your mind and have greater mental clarity
  • Heal emotional pain
  • Cut emotional ties to someone or something
  • Removes confusion and anxiety
  • Release and protect you from emotional trauma
  • Open your heart to love
  • Align with energies of cosmic love
  • Increases your vibrational rate



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Debbie from Northumberland ENGLAND -
Absolute love this Lemurian crystal starseed grid set, I have them displayed on my coffee table and they look perfect and I love the natural raw state of them. I felt energy from them as I was removing them from the wrapping that they came in. These are really genuine, they have what appears to be lined codes on them making them even more unique. Thanks Jill xxx
Jenny Kaye from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire -
I have been a crystal healer for 4 years and I have to say that these crystals are the best. They are easy to program and they do a great job of helping you to tap into really strong healing energies. I notice the difference in strength of energies when I use these compared to my other crystals. They may be small but they definitely pack a punch. Love that they are so cheap too, last time I bought a few at a psychic fair cost me a fortune.
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Product Code Cry-LSCGS