Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set

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Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set
Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set Mary Magdalene Spiritual Development CD Set
Get your spiritual development off to a great start, with our exclusive Ascended Master Mary Magdalene Spiritual Guided Meditations set, to help you expand and accelerate your spiritual awareness and intuition.

This set priced separately would cost you £43.08, treat yourself to this set and pay only £35.00*

This set comprises of:-

1 - The Importance of Grounding CD

Without grounding you cannot hope to experience life in a well balanced manner, nor can you expand your psychic awareness. In this wonderful guided meditation Ascended Master Mary Magdalene steps forward to teach us about The Importance Of Grounding and how to achieve it.

2 - Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing CD

Now that you're well grounded, it is important for you to cleanse and clear your energies so you can become a clear channel for spirit.

In this wonderful meditation, connect with the power which is, Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, as she steps forward to bring you Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing.

3 - Mary Magdalene - Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation CD

Once you have cleansed and cleared your energies, use this guided meditation to help you understand your purpose, and awaken you to your spiritual gifts.

Part of this powerful meditation helps you to unfold,evolve and connect with your own spiritual gifts.

4 - Mary Magdalene - Activating Your Third Eye CD

Having awakened your spiritual senses, you're now ready to advance to activating your third eye. This is a very in-depth meditation, requiring much focus and committment on your part, but the reward is learning the ancient art of activating the 3rd eye, and bringing a deeper connection to spirit, your spirit guides, and the Angelic Realm.

Mary Magdalene teaches the importance of using the figure of 8; the infinity symbol, as a means of Third Eye Activation. She takes you through a wonderful sequence of colour and energy rituals, utilising the energies of your own Guardian Angel, Lord Sananda, The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Archangel Michael, to help you build a vortex of energy; an Angelic love energy. Important***Please note that due to the length of this meditation, this particular CD has only been recorded by Glenn Harrison. This meditation only offers a male voice version and NOT a female version.

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