Metatronic Soul Light Leadership Programme

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Is Your Soul Being Called To Action ? - Under the order of the Elohim, a new spiritual and physical embodiment of intelligence is about to be birthed onto the lower physical realm. The Angelic Orders are currently preparing to bring forth new Celestial Spiritual Teachings to those souls who are ready to serve and support the Angelic Order's Ministeries and the Ascended Masters' Universities of Light. Are you one of them?
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Is Your Soul Being Called To Action?

Under the order of the Elohim, a new spiritual and physical embodiment of intelligence is about to be birthed onto the lower physical realm.

The Angelic Orders are currently preparing to bring forth new Celestial Spiritual Teachings to those souls who are ready to serve and support the Angelic Order's Ministries and the Ascended Masters' Universities of Light.

Those souls who are being called to action, are being offered the role of spiritual leadership, to bring about the upgrade of humanities genetic intelligence, and to work to bring humanity closer together through higher consciousness parameter re-birthing.

The Galactic Federation of Light  and the Orders of the Angelic Realm are to begin teach those souls who feel called, a new language, that will help upgrade consciousness, in line with the Creator's Ascension plans.

This programme is a Soul Intelligence Programme to help humanity purge materialism, and move into a higher evolutionary consciousness of peace, love and harmony.

Those souls who are to be called, as part of their soul contract, signed the Covenant of Light (a special agreement they made, to work with spirit), and as teachers, healers and messengers, their call to the ministries now requires the initiation of inner consciousness clearing, to begin.

This Soul Light Leadership has been Trance-Channelled by Jill Harrison; from Archangel Metatron

Master Class Programme Levels 1-3 include:-

  • The Keys of Metatron 
  • Inner consciousness clearing
  • Working with the Mandala of Light
  • Aligning with the New Light-Vibrations
  • The 228 Sacred Names of the Universes - The Christ Consciousness Codes
  • Embodiments of Vibration - Brotherhood of Light Activation into Higher Realms
  • Higher Intelligence Alignment
  • Meta Higher Forces of Energy
  • Cosmogonic Alphabets - Greek/Egyptian/Hebrew Celestial Codes Part 1
  • Introduction to the New Angelic Realm of Humanity
  • Resonance Therapy of the Soul
  • Living Light Ascension Preparation
  • Electromagnetic Field Healing
  • Colour Harmonic Healing
  • Working with the Lords of Light
  • Eye of Horus DNA-RNA Fusion Codes
  • Pyramidal Energy Cybernetics


You begin to work at a level of 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions.
Your ability to feel, hear and see spirit, will be more defined.
You will be operating from, and using all the energies of the 52 chakras, which means that you become fully balanced and realise your full soul-potential.
You will be able to understand your challenges and life-lessons, and know how best to deal with those life-lessons.
The messages from spirit will be easier to understand and act upon.
You will be able to qualify and trust your inner-guidance, which will make your decision-making process so much easier.
You will feel more comfortable in your body and more fulfilled with your life-direction.
You will increase your ability to think things through more quickly.
It will take your spiritual skills to a whole new level. will have a fun-filled 2 days :)

If you are drawn to this programme and you feel a recognition of some of the terms used above, then this programme will be highly beneficial in helping you to access the Metatronic keys, upgrades and knowledge you need, to step into your Spiritual Leadership Role.

Those souls who are open to helping others to attune to the new light vibrations of energies, will have the opportunity to experience higher consciousness coding, directly from the living light, by Archangel Metatron. If you feel the angelic call of Archangel Metatron, and you have a strong desire to work with higher light frequencies and higher consciousness expansion, this programme will transform your soul and help you become an integral part of the Angelic Order's Ministries.

Level 1 

Programme Content for Level 1 begins working with the Keys of Metatron for personal inner consciousness clearing. You will be introduced to working with the Mandala of Light, and understanding its uses for personal transformation.  

Part of Level 1 begins with the soul initiation, which takes you into a different frequency of energy; aligning you with new light vibrations, and uses some of the Christ Consciousness Sacred Codes, for soul awakening, and soul purpose understanding. During this particular level, you will experience a powerful Brotherhood of Light Activation, and discover which Angelic Order you will be working with, and why.

Further details of Level's 2 & 3 will be updated shortly.


WHERE:- Retford UK DN227JJ
WHEN? - Contact us to be notified of when this class is taking place
HOW LONG:- 9.30am - 5.00pm

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RH from Tokyo, Japan -



YI sama from Tokyo, Japan -
大好きなジル! ありがとう。




Sue Scott from Chesterfield, UK -
This master class was outstanding because so much new information - EXTRA-ORDINARY! A lot to take on board but can see and feel how working with all this will make a huge difference on every level. All the details about the chakra levels and chambers. Using light pyramids, soul mantra. Lots and lots of content, thank you Jill you are amazing!
Timothy Ollerenshaw from Folkestone, Kent -
It is always outstanding. A lot of material to digest and learnt many interesting things. The building pyramids and the information regarding the chakras, the sound healing also very good.
Martin James Lloyd from Stafford, UK -
Experienced energies and emotions I've never had before. I feel this has changed my daily life for the better. Ascension codes I felt an affinity with - outstanding.
Susan Beebe from Wrangell, Alaska, USA -
So much great information. Things that I never knew existed. LOVE IT, thank you. Lots to take in, can't wait until Level 2. This master class was outstanding.
Andrea Bell from Newcastle, UK -
This was the most powerful class I have been on. The energies were incredible and I felt energetic chances on many levels. Literally, all of it was OUTSTANDING.
Ian Newton from Sheffield, UK -
It was on another level, so strong. Building the pyramid of light and all the the information to use at home was outstanding. Thank you so much for a lovely class xxxxxx
Sheridan Brighouse from Wrexham, UK -
OUTSTANDING - on a personal level my spiritual growth has expanded. I felt connected and course content was perfect. Jill is amazing and is able to communicate all the information in laymen's terms.
Lynn from Newark, UK -
I never believed that my body could generate so much energy - Excellent!
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