Multi-Dimensional Light-Linking - Ascended Master Energy Healing

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Balance and Integrate Your Multi-Dimensional Self
with the help of the Ascended Masters Energy Healing System.

Raise Your Consciousness To New Heights,
cultivate your super human potential.

Human evolution is changing, for a small percentage of people, their ability to expand and evolve is going through tremendous incremental stages. The Ascended Masters are now bringing in new levels of energy healing and spiritual teachings to help those individuals ready to make a leap in their spiritual development and who desire to reconnect with their multi-dimensional soul's wisdom and knowldedge for the greater benefit of Earth and mankind.

If you have been searching for a way to accelerate your spiritual development, then this life-changing master class will help give you the 'know how' tools to help you tap into your super human potential.


In this master class we will be working with the Ascended Masters.

This Ascended Master Healing master class programme consists of:-
  • Melchizedek - Multi-dimensional light linking part 1
  • Djwhal Khul - Anchoring of the Multi-Dimensional Crystal Heart
  • Mother Mary - Anchoring of the blue light for ascension
  • Lord Sananda - Linking of the star-seed lineage
  • Ra - Multi-Dimensional DNA Anchoring
  • Collective Higher Consciousness Anchoring.

The Benefits of Attending This Ascended Masters Ascension Class
  • access to higher states of consciousness and connection to the divine
  • Release yourself from the lower dimensional physical negative energies.
  • Move into celestial manifestor for greater success and acheivement.
  • Reconnect with past life skills and knowledge for higher wisdom
  • Remove multi-dimensional karmic energy which binds you 
  • Release emotional issues and imprinted residues which create fear and doubt
  • Unleash your potential for love, health and wealth
  • Move beyond positive thinking to super-consciousness thinking
  • Liberate your greatness
  • Explore your super-spiritual potential
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