Pleiadian Chamber Healing - A Journey into Soul Awakening

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Experience a new paradigm in self-healing and core soul awakening to activate and empower the authentic self. Experience a range of exercises designed to help you remove mind, body and spiritual blocks.
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Experience a new paradigm in self-healing and core soul awakening to activate and empower the authentic self.

Experience a range of exercises designed to help you remove mind, body and spiritual blocks.

Discover how you can work with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for spiritual guidance and healing. 

This Master Class looks at creating a relationship with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for the purpose of personal spiritual guidance and soul healing. You'll come away with a depth of knowledge of who the Pleiadian's are; and how they can help you.

The guidance from Source; trance-channelled by Jill, and her connection to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, has allowed her to nurture your own connection to the Pleiadians, which is a wondrous experience, as they help you develop your healing ability.



  1. Discover who and what the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are.

  2. Pleiadian Light Chamber Healing Session 1 - Soul Awakening - Opening your psychic channels.

  3. Pleiadian Light Chamber Healing Session 2 - Pleiadian Harmonics for personal attunements to higher light frequencies.

  4. Higher Heart Chakra Activation & Awakening to help you become a clear channel for spirit.

  5. Pleiadian Golden Portal Chamber Session for Negative Energy Release.


  1. Pleiadian DNA Reprogramming - Removing human barriers to higher intelligence and soul empowerment.

  2. Constructing Pleiadian Light Merkabah - Soul Guidance Channelling Session

  3. Pleiadian Light Chamber Healing Session 4 - Higher Soul-Mate Merging

  4. Pleiadian Light Chamber Healing Session 5 - Pleiadian Universal Love Attunement

WHERE: Montagu House, London Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7JJ

Tel: 01777 710999

Registration Time: 9:30am
Start Time: 10am
Finish Time: 5PM

Reviewer: Lisa Robinson-Hall from Disley, UK   
Jill is honest, genuine and down-to-earth. She has a lovely manner when sharing her knowledge. I enjoyed the whole weekend but my favourite exercise was golden spiral. Thank you so much for the lovely food and hospitality and welcoming us so warmly into your home.

Reviewer: Sandra Harris from Nottinghamshire, UK   
It was my first master class and I felt very relaxed taking part

Reviewer: Jackie Blaine from Lancs, UK   
The master class was outstanding because of Jill's passion for work and down-to-earth attitude. I would like to thank you both for your dedication and hospitality and making me feel welcome in your home.

Reviewer: Susan Lees from Scotland   
Enjoyed the experience of the whole weekend. It is real and at the same time empowering and down to earth. I like the fact that Jill is approachable and I feel blessed to have found an authentic teacher.

Reviewer: Pat from Lancs, UK   
Jill was brilliant, kind and lovely. I found all of the masterclass outstanding.

Reviewer: Elaine Brooker from Nottinghamshire, UK   
An excellent two days, really enjoyed it. Thanks for a great weekend Jill.

Reviewer: Emma McCarthy from UK   
The whole two days have been really really enjoyable and moved me forward in my spiritual development and direction. Thank You.

Reviewer: Gill Hudson from Derbyshire, UK   
Excellent! There was a small group of women I felt comfortable with. There was no pressure and I felt supported by all. The exercises were helpful and more practical which took me to the right place.

The following testimonials are held on record at our office:

Outstanding - don’t change the class, all of it was excellent. Really enjoyed the last bit, it was out of this world – Denise Southern
Outstanding – wow, what a great, fantastic weekend. The teachings are unbelievable. Thank you for an enjoyable weekend – Ian Newton
Outstanding – good pace, well presented, interesting contact, useful and informative – Ian Richmond
Good – enjoyed Jill’s enthusiasm and dynamic energy and the meditations were excellent.  – Graham Fisher
Outstanding – what to pick! I feel the clearing and activation was most useful and enjoyable – Angela B*****
Excellent – I most enjoyed the dimensional energies. More please, extremely enjoyable – Sue Ford
Excellent – enjoyed all of it. – Karen Scarcliffe
Outstanding – I have always been drawn to the Pleiadians and this gave me a much appreciated opportunity to work with them. It was an honour and a privilege. I would like to thank you both for this course. – Ann McGill
Outstanding – knowing nothing previously about the Pleiadians, this class was beautiful. It has helped me feel stronger about myself and released so much negativity I was holding onto. My body feels lighter and freer and I go home with a smile in my heart and on my face. Thank you so much – Helen Atkins
Outstanding – this has been an exceptional weekend, a real privilege to be part of something so supernatural. I will be recommending this to many. This course was life changing  – Penny Vassa
Outstanding – I found the deep transformative life completion the most useful and enjoyable. Will report further in a few weeks after integration of all the changes have been experienced – Sonia ( Frankfurt)
Excellent – a lovely experience, liked all the different exercises – Margaret
Outstanding – Great workshop, well worth the time and effort, one more step on the path, giant step – Val Stirling
Outstanding – another superb weekend. Very enlightening and purposeful to me. Showed me more than expected – Marc Simpson
Outstanding – I have enjoyed every session I have had with Jill. I have gained a lot and had a lot of different experiences – Mandy Slack
Outstanding – I enjoyed every second, thank you – Kathryn Rafter
Outstanding – healing, an amazing experience of release. Thank you! – Angela Warnock
Outstanding – a lot of experiences felt, too many to record. Truly enlightening, thanks to all Pleiadian realms, very inspiring, liberating and uplifting. The love, peace and harmony portrayed within the group was phenomenal  – Julie Jewitt
Outstanding – every part was full of useful and interesting aspects, not least helped to peel off the layers...yay! – Cath Chamber



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Susan Beebe from Wrangell, Alaska, USA -
Great class! I learned a lot and had a great time. The class was very original and unique. I really liked the parts that help us embrace our sexuality.
Sue Scott from Chesterfield, UK -
A huge amount of ground was covered. Lots of different focused sections and energies experienced that built and combined over the 2 days. A lovely group, lots of fun, laughter and techniques to take away and use in the future.

Very well organised. Jill is an amazing teacher and has the ability to help you access appropriate information and energies whatever level you are at.
Paddy Lyn Gregory from Whitland, Wales -
Outstanding, the group was lovely. Jill was excellent, the way she explained everything and we all had a good laugh. Thank you. Loved it all. Thank you for everything and hope to see you again soon.
Ruth Jones from Milford Haven, Wales -
Outstanding. The teacher (Jill) was fantastic, explained everything clearly. The company excellent. Healing energy outstanding. Huge amount of information to take in, it will take some time to digest.
Jacqui Askew from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire -
Outstanding, I learnt a lot about myself, found it all very interesting. Would love to come again.
Kerry Glover from Cypress, Greece -
Outstanding - it has improved my knowledge and awareness of the Pleiadians and how to work with them. Soul awakening, soul star work, meeting Pleiadian guid, healing myself and others was most useful. These classes are EXCELLENT FOR DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES in the safe hands of Jill. That's why I travel from Cyprus to participate in these fantastic courses.
Julie Jewitt from Wakefield, UK -
Outstanding, Jill has a fountain of knowledge who is willing to share with who ever wants to learn and receive spirituality. I grow each time I attend these classes. I enjoy connecting with like-minded souls. Overall the weekend goes all too quickly. It's been a pleasure once again to work with the Pleiadians. Thank you for the fun, hospitality and information.
Ilona Anslik from UK -
It was the most wonderful energy. I felt REALLY connected and reassured. Most interesting was how strong the connection and information was. I learned a lot of 'little' things about myself outside this theme, had reassurance as well. OUTSTANDING.
Ian Newton from Sheffield, UK -
The information and exercises are unbelieveable, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend it was all great.
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