Pleiadian Healing Level 2

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Discover how you can work with The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for spiritual guidance and healing.

This advanced healing master class follows on from Pleaidian Healing Level one as we continue to work on clearing all energy blocks so that you can become attuned to healing your own energy systems, and also becoming a clear channel of healing energy for others.

The teachings being brought forth will help you reconnect your cellular brain wave programming so that instead of it having a dominant side and using just one side of the brain to evolve, you embrace and allow the brain to function as a whole. This is the balancing of the masculine with the feminine.

This master class focuses upon developing a strong relationship with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for the purpose of spiritual guidance and healing on a very high level. You'll come away from this Master Class feeling wonderful.

This particular Master Class covers:-

  • Opening your energies and getting in tune for accessing higher energies– Connecting with your physical body.
  • Setting your spiritual intentions for the day.
  • Dolphin wave re-patterning exercise.
  • Male & female energy balancing, for expanded awareness.
  • Clearing programme, to clear negative energies.
  • Chakra integration work, to balance and harmonise your energies.
  • Releasing of excess energies – laughter work.
  • Group bonding session, learning to let down your barriers.
  • Asking Great Spirit a message of inspiration.
  • Pleiadian DNA Activation 1.
  • Pleiadian DNA Activation 2.
  • Healing Session to align new energy fields.
  • Pleiadian DNA Activation 3.
  • Pleiadian DNA Activation 4.
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JG from Edgbaston -
Excellent, a lot to take on board. Balancing and healing very good. I look forward to my next class.
Vanessa B from Gloucestershire -
Amazing, lovely people. Thank you so much. Brilliant location and hospitality. I've enjoyed it immensely, you are a lovely family.
Katy from Leeds -
This master class was outstanding because I felt that the tuition was given in love and not for personal gain. The whole weekend was perfect and uplifting. Thank You <3
AW from Notts, UK -
Outstanding transfixatia and messages from spirits. Excercises to release blockages and chakra clearing, thank you so much for ensuring I understood the class and for the patience!
Joanne from West Yorkshire -
Amazing weekend, very intense for me emotionally. Thank you so much Jill & Glenn.
Katherine R from West Yorkshire -
It was wonderful, thank you
Janice Galloway from West Midlands, UK -
Excellent - All was interesting, thank you. I await the next instalment. Great!!
Angela W. from Nottinghamshire, UK -
Ian Richmond from Lincs, UK -
Excellent hospitality, as ever, thank you.
Catherine Chandler from Essex, UK -
All of it was outstanding.
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