Pleiadian Healing Level 3

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In this powerful healing master class, it is now time to focus upon your ability to heal and channel energies from the Pleiadians.
  • Clearing Meditation
  • Determining dis-ease source
  • Golden Ball Self-Healing
  • Heart to Heart Exercise
  • Sensing Blockages
  • Vibrational Energies
  • Different Pleiadian healing techniques
  • Ditto continued removing blocked energy centres – rolling client,
  • Entity/Implant Removal
  • Weight loss
  • Channelled Message
The first day we begin with a clearing meditation to ensure you are a clear channel prior to harnessing healing energies.

When we are healing ourselves or others it is vital we understand the source of the disease. Techniques are learnt by delegates to be able to ascertain whether they are treating a physical, emotional, skeletal or karmic issue before working on the type of treatments that will assist the source of disease.

Part of the first day will also involve activating sensors within your body to enable you to sense blockages and variances of vibrational energies.

Finally towards the end of the first day we explore the different Pleiadian healing techniques which can be incorporated alongside other healing skills to enhance your ability to heal.

We start Day two on focusing upon how you can removing energy centre blockages and the detriment these can do to the physical body if left untreated.

Delegates will also be taught how to find entity implants within the physical body and how to read and scan these implants prior to removing them.

We also will examine using Pleaidian healing energies to assist in weight-loss before finishing day two with a trance-channelled session with the Ascended Masters.

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Pamela H from Wrea Green -
Ian balanced the energies - diverse issues were treated gently and informatively, and he was obviously aware of where everybody was energetically. I found the meditations, scanning and the vibrational energy levels most interesting. Nice, intense, relaxing, energising, encompassing, intuitive.
C Harris from Nottinghamshire -
I feel very comfortable with Ian and he''s very funny; he''s one of the girls x ( in a good way ). Most enjoyed the scanning of bodies and the meditations. A great weekend as usual. Thank you.
S Harris from Langold -
Ian explains everything thoroughly and makes it fun too, I felt very comfortable with him. The meditation techniques and scanning bodies is brill!
Susan from Lincolnshire -
It was fun and enlightening. A small friendly group of like minded people. The meditations and procedures for healing''s were most interesting for me.
Elaine Brooker from Mansfield -
Thanks for another brilliant weekend. The chance to be in a healing environment with like minded individuals. Plus information about soul and transiting.
Julie Humphries from Leeds -
The energy was amazing and it shifts so much leaving me lighter and more able to cope with normal life. Just thank you for excellent weekend, always lovely to stay over. Lovely group and fab food!
Gill Hudson from Derby -
Khamuhne from North Yorkshire -
Jill is fantanstic teacher. Classes always informative and entertaining.
Liz Glaisher from Sheffield -
Jill is such an inspirational teacher - aided by Ian as her assistant. Always interesting and thought-provoking. Scanning and healing sessions were very beneficial. Really interesting about implantation and how get there and removal of them.
Linda Witter from Royton -
It was fun, knowledgeable and enlightening. The parts I found interesting was the healing. Thank you for another great weekend. xx
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