Pleiadian Healing Level 5

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The techniques Jill has taught over the previous four courses, come together in the final phase of the in depth healing, balancing, and clearing brought forward from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.
All of these Master Classes allow you to learn from a professional Psychic Medium, with over 25 years experience. Jill Harrison is a gifted Avatara: a medium who is given messages from The Divine for the benefit of mankind, and many of the exercises used in the classes were given to her during trance.

Pleiadian Healing Master Class Level 5 looks at dolphin therapy techniques and using meridian points as a way of healing emotional and physical issues in a very in depth manner.

Using Pleiadian healing techniques and combining them with meridian lines, will amplify your ability to heal yourself and others.

Working with the Pleiadians enhances your spiritual journey enabling you to become more spiritually aware, and to realise that our potential as a human being is in no way limited by our residing within a physical body.

There is so much that all of us can achieve, when our physical, emotional and mental bodies are free of the inbalances that restrict us from operating on the love and light frequency, and achieving realisation.

On completion of this Master Class, you will have had the opportunity to re-discover who you are, so you can accelerate your own evolution and live a fully realised life.

For those who complete this course a certificate is given and your certificate carries CPD (Continued Professional Development Points) which you can use towards getting a diploma.

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M Hoffman from Scotland -
Outstanding. I loved all of it; being able to practise healing was most useful and interesting.
Pamela H from Wrea Green -
Outstanding, because it flowed and everything was covered in depth. It was a calm, soft and gentle presentation; no rush and with every question answered. It was very interesting learning the accupressure points on the body, and the use of energies. I loved every minute of it!!
Elaine B from Nottinghamshire -
I loved all of it. I know it will all be of use and I feel much better for being here this weekend. Thanks for a fabulous weekend.
L Glaisher from Sheffield -
It has been a lovely weekend, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, because of the wonderful teacher and her able assistant. Finding out about various acupressure points and the healing treatments I was able to give was very useful and interesting. I''ll be back!
Michelle F from Stirlingshire -
Although the class was small it was very positive, and allowed us more time to focus on hands on practice in a very relaxed and calm environment. The cleansing through the meridian lines was very interesting and brought a great sense of peace.
Working on Ian, Jill and Glenn was useful, as when hearing their feedback, it matched my experiences which was amazing for my confidence.
I feel over the course of Pleiadian 1-5, I have increased in ability, knowledge, experience and confidence. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to advance in healing.
Angela W from Notts, UK -
It's amazing to reach level 5. I learnt a lot of different techniques to use that's very different from Reiki. I enjoy using Pleiadian more.
Penny Vassa from Sheffield, UK -
"Since attending several of Jill's courses over the past eighteen months, my life has changed tremendously.

I would say that all changes are positive and I feel extremely empowered by the information that has been passed to myself and others through Jill.

Jill has a gift that she shares unselfishly with others. She is truly a special person. I now look at the future with a more positive attitude, and I look forward to attending numerous other courses Jill will be teaching in the near future.

The courses have helped me balance several parts of my life, from negative relationships, weight loss, studying and anxiety levels.

I feel very honoured to know Jill and her family, and commend them for the work they do for spirit and humanity."
Catherine Chandler from Chelmsford, UK -
The realisation that the Pleiadians are there for us with love, compassion and practical assistance. The use of meridian energy lines to effect greater healing. The intensely spiritual aspect of working with the Pleiadians under Jill's excellent guidance is a wonderful experience to have.
Benny from Leics, UK -
I feel I have definitely become more sensitive to healing energy. By the time we did the final session I could feel the strong healing energy as sudden coolness/cold energy within myself. Also we were taught to protect ourselves before and during any interaction/healing/therapy session which makes me feel more confidence and safe to carry on with all treatments. Most important of all, the people I have workd on,have experienced deep benefits - which shows how powerful and effective these classes have been.
Val Stirling from Leics, UK -
Having now completed all 5 levels of the Pleiadian Healing Master Classes, at times with many of the same people, it’s amazing to look back and see how far we have all come.

The step-by-step programme clears your body and mind, and develops you to become all you can be.

The guidance from Source; trance-channelled by Jill, and her connection to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, has allowed her to nurture our own connection to the Pleiadians, which is a wondrous experience, as they help you develop your healing ability.

When you perform healing on someone in the class; then get the feedback; and then connect to what you’ve experienced, you are in awe of what has taken place. It is so incredible.

You doubt it at first, but soon begin to see it for real and trust in the guidance you are receiving.

I feel humbled and privileged to have received this training from Jill and The Pleiadians. It has had a massive improvement on the healing I do on myself and others; which is very satisfying. This has also created a boost in my self-confidence.

For anyone wishing to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and healing talent for their self or others, this class is a must. I’ve just witnessed people go from having no healing ability; to becoming powerful, confident healers. It just doesn’t get any better.
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