Pleiadian Soul Healing

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Experience Multi-Dimensional Healing in this POWERFUL programme. SAVE £40.88 by purchasing the whole course.
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Experience multi-dimensional healing and accelerate your soul growth, move light years ahead in your soul's evolution by learning how to work with and connect to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. 

In this particular programme, you will have access to lessons, meditations that help you accelerate your soul's growth and intuitive abilities.


Experience the fabulous pleiadian healing energies for soul healing.

This programme covers:-
Module 01 - Clearing the Multi-dimensional body 
Module 02 - Soul Fragmentation Retrieval
Module 03 - Light Removing Starseed Energy Blocks
Module 04 - Awakening The Multi-dimensional Heart
Module 05 - Brain Clearing & Activation
Module 06 - Soul Light Activation & Coning
Module 07 - DNA Soul Healing
Module 08 - 6th Dimension Soul Initiation
Module 09 - 7th Dimension Soul Initiation
Module 10 - 12th Dimensional Chakra Linking
Module 11 - Cellular Healing & Rejuvenation
Module 12 - Pleiadian Channelling

This programme offers you the opportunity to self-heal and awaken your multi-dimensional intuitive abilities.

The purpose of this programme is to help you remove lower negative energies which inhibit you from operating as a higher conscious being.  We will be looking at how to acheive inner balance and core strength to help you access higher celestial frequencies and knowlegde.  With techniques on how to heal your physical body and mind and tap into super-consciousness, this programme will help you accelerate you onto the next stage of your spiritual growth.

Each of these modules will enable you to:-
  • Experience live in tranquil and peaceful state.
  • Feel more balanced.
  • Release stress, worry and negativity.
  • Tap into the spiritual support and guidance that is available from the Starseed Races
  • Receive spiritual attunements and alignments so life becomes easier.
  • Raise your frequencies so you can connect with spirit easier than ever before.
What Some of Our Delegates Have To Say About Our Webinar Modules...

I really loved this, although I am Arcturian there were some Orion tendencies that I noticed within me. Jill was talking about farms and all the greenery there and I remembered the other night I had a vision that I
was pushing a wheelbarrow of some type overflowing with vegetables.  From now on I am going to listen to and act on my own desires instead of doing what everyone wants me to do, and in turn I believe that this will attract more joy and abundance to me. I had to laugh when someone said something about getting guidance and Jill said jokingly "was the guidance to come and see me?" I looked down at my notes that I had written during the meditation it said......Go see Jill. - Susan - Customer Location: Alaska USA

Hello Jill     I bought new Creative speakers and tested them out on last 20 mins of Chiron energies. every time I replay webinars I receive even more information which helps farther along my pathway. This time I asked a number of specific questions that I had not previously asked. I am now feeling very positive that Chiron energy is complementary to my Arcturian seed and to pursue meditating on Chiron guides. This replay gave me the opportunity to listen carefully to Gabrielles question regarding her pathway - to/not to join an organisation for healing in the market place. Again, I have to say thank you for these Webinars. They offer so many tools to carve out a pathway that suits. It isn't in my nature to sit around, trouble is that some of these energies do take time to be absorbed, patience is a virtue.  Looking forward to Module 8 recording.   Love and Joy  John - Customer Location: United Kingdom

I have just done the starseed module 5 and thought it was wonderful, whilst aligning the chakras my body kept going really cold but my face was warm and tingly I also felt lovely waves of calmness going through me, I feel it was quite a deep meditation as I felt quite woozy at the end of it, thankyou jill for another great experience. - Chantel - Customer Location: United Kingdom

Module 12 was the last in 2016 programme, what an amazing and fruitful year it was for me. From the first module the group made contact with the Emissaries of Light, who enabled us to gain the Pleiadian energies during the webinars. Yes, folk were seeing many colours, feeling impressions on their bodies in a gentle way, some were getting visions of where they visited and eventually seeing the Pleidaians guiding us. I soon received a sense of belonging, I didn't want to leave that wonderful peaceful atmosphere, I always felt free of negative feelings that I sometimes would get here on planet Earth. The Pleiadians are now my extended family, together with, my Arcturian family.

What did I gain from these webinars? A oneness being united with the cosmos again. A feeling of freedom to learn by feeling and not by words alone.To be able to see and sense the love those beings offered. Each webinar I practised seeing energies which now have come to fruition. I learnt much about the 12 chakras from 1 Earth Star chakra to 12 Universal Cosmic Gateway. Learning about the seven spiritual bodies 1st Physical to the 7th Kethric body.  In 2015 I attended all the Arcturian webinars which introduced me to cosmic realms to where I am in 2016 having completed all Pleiadian webinars. Thanks to Jill for her expertise and kindness. - JF - Customer Location: UK

PLEASE NOTE - This programme was recorded live and therefore, there may be some sound fluctuations upon playback.




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Hannah Longley from Singapore -
I have been working my way through each of these modules which are very easy to do, but at the same are life changing. My awareness has grown immensely and my understanding of myself as a star seed child has helped me to feel much more at each with who I am as a person. Working through the modules I have been able to implement a lot of changes, positive changes and for me, they have been a life-saver. Prior to this I felt and believed I didn't belong here, now I am able to understand myself better and use the modules to stay connected with spirit. I have regained clarity and hope. Thank you so much for these great modules. Though I can't join the live ones, the DVD copies have been an immense help to me. Would really recommend you get these you won't be disappointed.
Susan Beebe from Alaska, USA -
Today we just finished module 12 of the Pleiadian Soul Healing Programme. This class was really great and it's hard to believe it's been a year already. I hadn't really heard much about the Pleiadians but curiosity and the drive to better myself compelled me to take these classes. I am very grateful to Jill for sharing her knowledge with all of us, she has taken those who are ready to a whole new level of consciousness and understanding. With this programme came a lot of attunements and teachings that have forever change my life. I embrace all Jill has to offer because I know that with her help I can move forward towards magnificence in leaps and bounds. Thank you, Susie
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