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Readings with Angel Messenger Jill Harrison

All readings - coaching - attunements etc are a spiritual service provided by Jill Harrison, as such please note there are no refunds on any spiritual services once you have received the service. In other words, whether the service you have paid for is tarot, astrology, divinatory, trance-channelled, an energy attunement, or a life coaching session, or metaphysics mentorship, the service you paid for, is non-refundable.

All readings are put onto a waiting list as soon as payment is received. Readings are done on a first come-first served basis. Most readings are done and sent back to the customer within 14 days, but can take up to a maximum of 30 days to reach you. All readings are done personally by Jill Harrison therefore, patience is requested, as Jill can only do so many readings at anyone time. Please do not email us asking us when your reading will be with you, unless 30 days have passed and you still have not received your reading.  Please note that Jill's time is also spent seeing clients face-to-face, teaching, coaching and writing, therefore, her time is limited for readings hence the waiting times, if you are impatient, this can affect the energy of your reading.
Angelic Celestial Light Channelled Reading
This particular channelled angel reading is offered to those people who really don't know which direction to take, or what action to take first. Filled with guidance, support and tips, let your angels guide you and show you the way. 
Arcturian Oracle Soul Illumination Reading
For those who desire to know what the soul truly wants, then asking the Arcturian Oracle will bring you the answers you seek. If your soul is found wanting, then this reading offers you illumination.
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene 14 Chakras Revelation Reading
In this trance-channel Ascended Master Mary Magdelene reading, gain insight into any underlying, possible energy issues that may be creating blockages in your 14 main chakras and in your life.
Energy Monthly Guidance Email Reading
With lots of energy changes and cosmic activity taking place every month, you need to be on your toes to make the most of the opportunities around you. See what you are currently attracting towards you during the coming month with our energy monthly reading. so that if you don’t like it, you have the power to change your destiny.
Kabbalah Soul Path Reading - Posted International
Limited special offer - 50% off - Find out and recognise your life tasks as well as the true causes of any health issues. When the soul is no longer listened to - … the body starts to speak!!! (Additional fee will be added for Shipping at checkout)
Kabbalah Soul Path Reading - United Kingdom
Limited special offer - was £70.00 - now £35.00 - Find out and recognise your life tasks as well as the true causes of any health issues. When the soul is no longer listened to - … the body starts to speak!!!
Psychic Tarot Readings - Phone - Email - Skype/Facetime
Need a psychic intuitive tarot reading? Are you stuck and need answers? Get psychic insight and guidance with a Skype or Facetime reading with Jill. Get answers to your most pressing questions.
Soul Blueprint Reading - Soul Healing
This powerful soul blueprint reading and therapy session is for those light-workers who desire to understand the destiny of the soul.
Starseed Parallel Guidance
Understand your Starseed history. Discover what karmic and parallel patterns and lessons you are working through in your life at this time. This starseed channelled reading will help you if you are seeking a deeper understanding of your soul for personal illumination and transformation. 

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