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Betty Tash from Florida, USA -
Jill is always well prepared and presents the information clearly and in a productive way. She's the real deal folks, powerful connection. Follow her FB page, Angel Messenger, daily. Thank you, Jill, for all you do for all of us. Sending Love and healing blessings.
Martin James Lloyd from Stafford England -
Module 1
Chakra Healing Course

What a beautiful meditation in the Earth Gateway Chakra, released so much Karma and bathed in peaceful energy. Much personal information was given and cannot wait for module 2.
Thank you so much Jill for this guidance on this course.

Martin James Lloyd
Stafford England
Becky from California, USA -
The entire series of webinars are transformational. Preparing us with each for another step of our journey to Ascension. So that we can fully embrace the energies brought to us in the final webinar with Archangel Metatron. Each of the others opened us also to use our growth to help others, and the culmination with Metatron was for our personal ascension process, and being able to embody this if we so choose, to be of even greater service in fulfilling that which we came to do. I recommend this to any serious seeker of reconnecting with the Divine within and around us, and being of greater service.
Becky from California -
All the webinars in the Archangel Program are excellent. This particular one with Archangel Zadkiel for myself was exceptional. I felt as though I had come home. It was a clearing and expanding experience, which brought greater peace and love.
Becky from California -
We just complete Module 9 tonight and it was amazing The peace and transformational energies of Archangel Azrael are those that everyone needs in their life at one point or another. Today it was perfect timing. Not only do you experience peace, unconditiona love and release from that which bothers you, the energies help you to realize what the saying " Let Go and Let God" means. Azrael transforms our energies so that we can channel through these energies to help others during transitions in their life. I am so happy to have experienced this webinar.
Becky from Prante -
Archangel transcendecy Module 8 was tremendous. The work with connecting with our Higher Self, and the opening and guidance that was received during the connection is what I was seeking to make the needed changes and growth. Highly recommended. The entire series is worthwhile for everyone, each builds upon the last,
Becky from California -
This is a very powerful webinar. The meditational energies working with the Arcturians is simply amazing. With their help the clearing and awakenings which I experienced, are so helpful. They have done much to shift my energies and to help me reconnect to the gifts I posses. I look forward to working with them more. The memories they share of Atlantis and our work there is precious.
Becky from California -
Module 7 was another excellent module - Archangel Healing. Haniel helps us to connect strongly with our guides and to learn to communicate better and recognize their energies and trust in what we are receiving from them. I would highly recommend this Module if you want to connect with your guides even as a stand alone, but the entire course is very much worthwhile. Jill is a wonderful facilitator for growth and connection between us and the Divine energies.
Becky from California -
This is an excellent webinar for learning to access the akashaic records. If you are interested, I would recommend you take this webinar. Jill shares not only how to access, but the protocols which are needed to be of integrity in doing so.
chantel from uk -
I have just done the " BALANCING DIVINE ENERGIES" webinar and it was really interesting, it was to see if we are mainly female or male energies or a balance of the two, it really opens your eyes and makes you think of some of the traits we have, thankyou jill for a great webinar, I look forward to the next one.
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