Here you will find a range of archive testimonials for services that are no longer available except by special request.

Spiritual Vibrational Readings

Reviewer: Charlie S from Cool,California...over 100 in summer,not so cool.   5 Stars
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Interesting to me that I have always known I was a rainbow child but didnt know the term untill I was in my fourties. I have always seen or heard things in the air that others didn''t, while being in the same room, witch is quiet interesting. And I have felt my third eye and heart are becoming more synchronized. Although the death of my wife at 54 did bring up some anger for me for a time. So with that said, its mind in your heart not heart on your mind. And it is a comfort to know that you came up with the same answers as I. It''s always a humbling experance to ask an elder for an answer only to discover you already have it. If one will try to listen to their own heart, they will never make a wrong decision because it will be made in love, with love and for love. Rose quartz also helps with that. Thank you for your time, You are truly blest. May your path always be lit so as you never loose your way. PLease tell Glenn, write write write and one day I will write him my story... so he knows he is not alone and is loved also. He has no idea how special he is. Love for love''s sake and truth in faith. Blessed day, Charlie Sirman

Reviewer: Megan from Australia   5 Stars
Hi Jill Thank you so much for the Vibrational Energy reading, I love that I now know specific Masters and Archangels that are working with me on these issues. I can now talk to them directly and meditate with the intention of connecting with these specific beings along with crystals and essential oils. I definitely know these are some of the challenges I face and from the reading I now realize the importance of working on these issues for my self development. It is a lot to face but knowing the masters and Archangels are with me makes all the difference as I feel I have done a lot of healing already and with so much more to do its a relief to know who to ask for help! This reading is a must if you definitely want to develop yourself, it will give you exactly what you need to work on right now in order to keep moving.

Archangel Therapy Level 1

Very relaxing and fun. Outstanding. 
Dominica Holdsworth, Yorkshire, UK

Everything was interesting and clearly understood. Outstanding. 
Sonia Samson, Frankfurt, Germany

Outstanding meditations, the parts I found most useful were ways of communication with my angels and the archangels. Very helpful, very interesting and lovely people. 
Claire Child, Nottinghamshire, UK

The masterclass was outstanding because of the calm, caring, informative tutor and surroundings. Learning about myself and how to move on spiritually and emotionally were particularly useful. 
Helen Atkin, Doncaster, UK

Excellent. Everything was useful. The meditation was the kick start that I needed to get me back on track. I found the class to be most inspirational, it was what I needed for me to get back on my spiritualist path.
Marlene Carter, Essex, UK.

The class opened up, what I believe to be, a new beginning. I very much enjoyed the day, it was well worth the money and extremely enjoyable. The masterclass was outstanding.
Pat Wood, Yorkshire, England.

Excellent. The whole day has been enlightening and most interesting was seeing the aura around Jill's head.
Keith Blogg, Yorkshire, UK 

I really enjoyed exploring who the angels are, what they do and how to meditate. The master class was excellent.
Lisa Prince, Yorkshire, UK

I thought the readings were brilliant and I found learning about all the different angels most useful. I thought Jill was wonderful and very insightful. Excellent master class.
Danielle Blogg, Yorkshire, UK 

Finding out my vibrational level and the different angels was excellent.
Sheila Blogg, Yorkshire, UK 

I found meeting the angels and Archangels and simply 'being' a part of all which took place very interesting. Thank you for a beautiful day. I truly enjoyed every moment. I will grow and expand with confidence and now joy. This master class was outstanding because I found my true purpose and self at last.
Ishbel Horne, Lincolnshire, UK

Ann McGill, Yorkshire. UK

Many thanks for all the 'thoughts' 'feelings' 'emotions and teachings' you have given me. I now feel 'unjammed' and can see forward, the whole day was outstanding.
Paula Harding, Nottinghamshire, UK 

I enjoyed the whole day.
Linda Harman 

Thank you for a wonderful experience, the training to meditate was a new experience for me and very uplifting. I liked the size of the class, it became so much more personal, the master class was outstanding.
Linda Keightley, Yorkshire, UK 

I found how to have a two way conversation with the angels and finding out what predominant energy I'm working with most useful.
Margaret Chimes, Nottinghamshire, UK

Archangel Therapy Level 2

Outstanding - I found the learning curve of the self most useful. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
Helen Atkin, Doncaster, UK

The highlight for me was getting acquanted with Archangel Gabriel, outstanding. 
Penny Vassa, Derbyshire, UK 

Excellent. Everything was interesting.
Jean Chantry, Yorkshire, UK

It was nice to meet and share this experience with like-minded people. A lovely group of people and meeting my angel was the most interesting part of the master class.
Susan Hagger, Dewsbury, UK 

It covered so much in just a weekend. The time flew by, the master class was outstanding and immenseley enjoyable. I found learning about the different attributes of the angels and the intense meditations most useful. Not only did I learn so much, I personally feel stronger, calmer. I came away with greater direction.
Dr Lucy Williamson, Worksop, UK 

Jill, you are an outstanding lady with amazing talents. You have the ability to bring out latent talents in people from all walks of life. I thoroughly enjoyed the full two days. I have learnt a great deal from you. Thank You.
Gill Czartowski, Lincoln, UK 

I loved the Michael protection meditation with the crystals and learning about the different traits of Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel's trance channelled meditation was outstanding. All of it was fascinating, it was very well presented with a friendly approach. 
Vanessa Simpson, East Yorkshire, UK

The whole weekend was fantastic. Great to meet such lovely and like-minded people and I felt I learnd a real lot. I'm going home feeling energised and aware of what I have to get done this year. Many thanks.
Carol Clayton, Northallerton, UK 

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend, it was so inspirational, I cannot put into words the joy that I feel, it is quite overwhelming.  It was the kick to get me going again. You have a wonderful family and two special little boys and a great husband.

Marlene Carter, Essex

You came away feeling that have a sense of being and that positivity was a big part of the workshop. Feeling the peace, harmony, love and commeraderie was excellent.
Christine Davies, Blackburn, Lancs. 

Outstanding, all of it.
Dominica Holdsworth, Yorkshire, UK

Outstanding - All extremely interesting.
Sonia Samson, Frankfurt, Germany

Lovely setting, very relaxing, easily absorbed information. Interesting meditations.
Lizzie Webster, Lincolnshire, UK 

I enjoyed level 1 and level 2, not having experienced this kind of thing before, I found it all very useful. Thank you for an extremely lovely weekend. I would very highly recommend it to others. The master classes were excellent.
Yvonne Walker, Lincolnshire, UK

Archangel Therapy Level 3

An excellent day, I particularly enjoyed working with the pendulum and chakra analysis.
Marlene Carter, Essex, UK

I never wanted the day to end, it was entertaining, enlightening and lots of fun things to get you involved with. I thoroughly enjoyed the aura identification work.
Suzanne Haydn, Leicester, UK

Working with the crystals was excellent and the meditations were excellent too.
Dominica Holdsworth, Yorkshire, UK

Outstanding. All of it was informative and interesting. Work with the pendulum and finding the auras was particularly fascinating. A very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Thank You.
Helen Atkin, Yorkshire, UK

Outstanding, I saw aura's in everyone in the aura exercise. First time ever. Incredible. Different colours which 5 other people virtually all saw the same. The guided meditations were brilliant too.
James Swann, Yorkshire, UK

An extremely personal and moving inner experience, thank you. 
Marisa, Madrid, Spain

I really enjoyed the whole experience.
Suzanne, Bristol, UK

Great spiritual tuition which gave a sense of direction.
Russ, Nottingham, UK

A truly delightful experience, thank you so much.
Yvonne Walker, Leeds, UK

Archangel Therapy Level 4

A lovely experience, something to work with for the future.
Stacey Reynolds, Grimsby, Yorkshire

Absolutely fantastic and very insightful, thank you so much.
Dane Whitham, Birmingham, UK

Words can't describe the spiritual enlightenment that I received whilst on this masterclass. This class has helped me clear a lot of past issues, healed many hurts and has opened up a whole new world for me. The meditations were so powerful and uplifting, there wasn't a dry eye in the room after the ascension meditation. I feel we all made giant leaps along our spiritual evolution today, thank you very much.
Lauren Norring, Windsor, UK 

Outstanding, I particularly enjoyed the sacred geometry and meditations.
Dominica Holdsworth, Yorkshire, UK

I didn't want to go home, it was pure magic the whole weekend.
Sonia Samson, Frankfurt, Germany

Pleaidian Healing

Having never been able to visualise before, during this weekend I was able to 'see' which has given me joy and confidence to progress further. Not knowing anything about the Pleiadians, this class was beautiful. It has helped me feel stronger about myself and released so much negativity I was holding onto my body feels lighter and freer and I go home with a smile in my heart and on my face. Thank you so much.
Helen Atkin, South Yorkshire, UK 

I have always been drawn to the Pleiadian, and this gave me a much appreciated opportunity to work with them. It was an honour and privilege. The healing and the unblocking of energies was most useful. I would like to thank you both for this course. I can't wait for the advanced course.
Ann McGill, Humberside, UK

This has been an exceptional weekend, a real privilege to be part of something so supernatural. I will be recommending this to many.
Penny Vassa, Derbyshire, UK 

Very enlightening. A thoroughly enjoyable day. I have never laughed so much, just what the doctor ordered. The Pleiadian meditations were interesting, learning how to go with whatever I feel. Particularly enjoyed the dolphin brain reprogramming. All in all nothing I didn't like and I'd like to thank Mary Magdalene for my message
Julie Jewitt - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Outstanding, the trance at the end was amazing. Never seen anything like that before, I really enjoyed it.
Mandy Slack - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Outstanding. Thank you for all the messages from the Archangels you channelled.
Jackie Gellert - Oldham, Lancashire

Outstanding. Don't change the class, all of it was excellent. Really enjoyed the last bit, it was out of this world.
Denise Southorn - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Good Pace. Well presented. Interesting content. Useful, informative, outstanding structure of the course, in terms of understanding the way the energies work.
Ian Richmond - Leeds, West Yorkshire

Good opportunity to expand my boundaries
Diana Laing - Harrogate, North Yorkshire

WOW what a great fantastic weekend. The teachings were unbelievable. Thank you for a enjoyable outstanding, excellent weekend.
Ian Newton - Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Excellent. There weren't any sections I didn't enjoy. All the meditations and the trance at the end was brilliant. Never experienced anything like that at al. I think I was expecting it to be quite like the angel classes in many ways, but it was unique. Most enjoyable.

Dream Analysis

Outstanding – very interesting, I have always been fascinated by dreams and found the information on past lives very interesting –
Sandra Turner

Outstanding – very interesting, found out the meaning of some of my dreams! – 
Vicky Robson

Outstanding – so interesting to find other people have similar dreams to myself – Lynda Hay
Excellent – I found it all fascinating –
Jacqui Hutchinson

Outstanding – I learnt to analyse my dreams more and understand why I am dreaming certain things – S Lowe
Excellent – helped me understand my dreams! – 
Julie Alexander


Spiritual Healing 

Excellent – very interesting and informative – 
E Oliver-Townrow

Excellent – I particularly found the partner spiritual healing useful –
S Lowe

Outstanding – I enjoyed it all! – 
Agnes Hall

Outstanding – this was something I had very much been looking for, enjoyed it all –
Margaret Skelton

Outstanding – presented at a very easily acceptable level and pace. There was good transition from theory/ideas to practice. Hands on experience very interesting – 
Liz Came

Excellent – I’ve never been to a class before and really enjoyed the experience and feelings encountered. It was fascinating, never thought to explore before – 
Becky Phillips

Excellent – I never believed that my body could generate so much energy. Excellent! – 
Lynn Lenton

Excellent – well and confidently delivered. I left with a feeling that I would like to continue with this –
Julie Stocks

Excellent – it was easy to understand, calmly done and created a safe and positive atmosphere – 
Pauline Blythim