Sirian Soul Acceleration Ascension Therapy

Take the next step in your own soul's awakening. Access the powerful energies of the Sirian Angelic League of the Light. Discover how to move into self- realisation. Learn how to channel the powerful transformational healing energies from the Sirian Angelic League of the Light, through specific light frequency attunements and use these divine energies to change the way in which their life manifests.
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Accelerate - Activate & Awaken Your Soul Potential! 

This power-packed 2-day therapy Master Class is one of the most soul expansive sessions you’ll ever experience. Accelerate your ascension process.

With 2-days you'll understand your soul path.

Our exciting modules will help you to:-
  • Connect with your authentic Higher-Self
  • Move beyond your current soul limitations
  • Explore your soul contract
  • Upgrade your soul contract
  • Clear old impeding soul contracts
Receive powerful:-
  • Attunements
  • Activations to clear self-imposed limiting beliefs
  • Healing on all levels
  • Insights into your purpose and how to attain fulfilment

2-day master class works with those who wish to take the next step in their own soul's awakening and how to work with your soul contracts .This particular
The more you understand about your soul's contracts, the more opportunity you have to heal yourself, your life and your destiny.

The soul transformation processes taught in this particular master class will enable each student to channel the powerful soul transformational healing energies through specific light frequency attunements and use these divine energies to change the way in which their life manifests.

Step into the master designer. Understand how to use your own frequencies, to transform how you experience life and how you move beyond physical challenges and step into the master designer who can select and create the life you truly want to live.

There are many inspirational books and teachers who talk about stepping into and living an authentic life, this Master Class actually teaches you the 'how'.

Within the universe everything is vibrating, when we can see ourselves as a vibrational entity, we can begin to notice how other energies/requencies affect us. When you understand your own personal vibratory levels, you can learn how to intentionally transform energies, so that your own life is created on your own terms. This offers you the potential to harness the power of the universe and create a life that benefits not only yourself, but the world around you.
Come along and join us for this 2-day 'know-how' transformational 2-day Master Class  and access the tools so you can begin to benefit yourself and humankind.

If you're ready to evolve to the next stage and take an unprecented step in your spiritual growth, this soul transformation master class is for you.

Master Class Programme:
  1. Understanding Syncronistic Alignment and your soul's contract
  2. Exploring the soul's contract
  3. Soul Light attunement for clearing and upgrading soul contracts
  4. Activating Soul Contract clearing
  5. Healing and harmonising soul frequencies
  6. Channelling Soul Insights for transformation
  7. Raising the bar on personal solutions
  8. Moving into a higher evolved state of being
  9. Accelerating Soul Transformative Change
How Will This Master Class Help You?
  • Stop being the victim of experiences which you believe are out of your control
  • Move from being a physical being to a higher evolved being
  • Clear your mental and emotional blocks which keep you stuck in medocrity
  • Learn how to use your thoughts and feelings to affect changes in reality
  • Discover what your soul wants to achieve
  • Live life through an open heart of love and joy
  • Achieve crystal clarity and focus
  • Increase your freedom of choice
  • Experience harmonious relationships
  • Increase your ability to attract wealth and abundance
  • Increase your ablity to live a long healthy life
  • Tap into a healing energy that helps you to overcome feelings of separateness, isolation and fear.
Class Duration: 9am - 5pm
Class Location: Montagu House, London Rd, Retford, Notts, DN22 7JJ
When: Email us for details of next available dates

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