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Soul Blueprint Reading - Soul Healing

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Discover what your soul's plan is. Have you ever wondered if you are fulfilling your soul plan?

International Archangel Trance-Channel Jill Harrison is currently offering serious spiritual seekers an opportunity to access ancient time line information about their soul, it's purpose and it's destiny.

Each soul holds particular vibrations. Within those vibrations are strengths and challenges that the soul is wishing to express. During this very personal reading, guidance is given from Archangel Metatron which carries energetic activation energies that speak to the soul so that is can heal, transform and awaken to its divine mission.

If you are a spiritual seeker who wishes to understand its past, present and best future potential, this particular reading will help you identify why you have incarnated at this time and how you can heal ancient karma that has been inherited down through your soul families lineage.

Healing and Development Guidance From Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is the Supreme Chief Archangel of the Angelic Realm.  Through Jill Harrison he will give her information to help point you in the direction that your soul needs to go. If you are looking for fulfilment, to understand the Authentic Deeper Self, this this guidance will bring you a wealth of information on how to acquire wealth, fulfil your ambitions and attain Spiritual Self-Mastery.

Discover how to embody and hold the divine energy of your soul.  This reading is like a psychic mirror that reveals to you the soul's inner spiritual energy and reveals the potential you possess and how you can express that spiritual essence of self into the physical world.

This powerful soul blueprint reading and therapy session is for those light-workers who desire to understand the destiny of the soul, the spiritual gifts the soul contains, and how this relates in this incarnation through the physical body, physical gifts and karmic residue.


Explore Your Soul Blueprint

Heal your soul at its deepest level so you can remove the blocks and restrictions that invisibly hold you back from expressing the authentic self. Learn about your divine express, so you can experience happiness, fulfillment and success.

During this session, you will explore and have the ability to learn about your past lives, your current physical incarnation, and the healing or transformation you must master to complete your soul's goals and destiny.

Discover Yourself and Your Blue Soulprint Destiny

This spiritual coaching session will help you recognise what you need to do to experience true fulfilment on a creator level. If you have been seeking in vain to understand your soul's mission then this session is for you.

Therefore it is essential you book early and they will only be available for a very short period of time.  Prior to this reading Jill will channel Archangel Metatron and be shown your soul's blueprint, then angelic guidance will be given on what you need to do to ensure you elevate your evolution for greater impact in the physical world.

This is similar to being given a map so you can understand the challenges you face, the gifts available to navigate life and the mission you were meant to complete.

This session offers you a unique opportunity for you to begin healing yourself on a soul level. This means clearing away invisible, old programming and beliefs which hinder you from discovering your authentic self. It will help you heal on a personal level and also affect you professionally.

If you would like to:-
  • Create a more fulfilling life
  • Experience deeper meaningful relationships
  • Feel comfortable expressing yourself
  • Be at peace with yourself
  • Create your life the way you want it to be

Give yourself the gift of getting to know and understand your soul blueprint so you can change your destiny.

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION - If you would prefer to pay in instalments you can now pay us monthly and once all payments have been received we will send you your reading, 4 x £50 per month. To order, add to cart and select payment plan and we will send you a link to set up your payment plan through Paypal.


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Lynda Kershaw from Cambridge, UK   5 Stars
Jill many thanks for my Soul Blueprint reading. When I first saw it I was intrigued as I thought I had had similar readings in the past, but this seemed to go deeper, I must admit I had to think long and hard about the cost, but I am so glad I asked for one - it is worth every penny! I have watched the recording quite a few times now which brings greater clarity to some areas and I pick up new aspects to work on every time, I suspect this will be the case for quite a while. Where the other reports have touched on similar issues you and Metatron get down straight to the bones of any problems and provide practical tools and solutions for overcoming them - like them or not they are given. I liked the aspect where my potential was revealed and the advice given to help me work towards achieving it should I wish to, without any suggestion of criticism should I choose to defer it to another lifetime - that suits my personality well, I will always try my best to achieve a goal if given a choice, but tell me I must and I set my mind against it. It had been suggested to me before that I had blocks from my childhood, these I always denied my parents were great. I was looking for their wilful shortcomings, Metatron suggested that it may be something in my early childhood that I had no recollection of such as my Mum being unable to breastfeed me, that hit home Mum had had a cyst and had not been allowed to feed me, which she bitterly regretted. I never blamed my Mum, still don't, but I can now understand how her disappointment and loss may have been transferred to my psyche, being aware of this has also given me an awareness of other incidents which became imbedded which I can work on and clear too. As said it is a lot to digest, so insightful and detailed,to be able to go back and pick up new threads, take in the mantra as well as refresh and reinvigorate the energies by watching the recording is great. I cannot say everything was comfortable to hear and my tears flowed, but then often do when I contact you! I have moved on so much and been able to understand and clear so many aspects of my life - and my families. I still may not reach my full potential, but I will be a lot closer to it and I now how the tools and a greater understanding to try. Many thanks and worth every penny!

Reviewer: Jennifer from Coolangatta, Australia   5 Stars
We need more than 5 stars, this reading is worth at least a 10! What a challenge of how serious we are about growing spiritually to hear some of the things that come from Archangel Metatron in these readings. While I know none of us have been saints in our past lives it was a challenge to learn that I was a criminal on more than one occasion! It made me think about the experiences we have which help us grow as souls and what a great job each physical body we have does to help our soul growth in each incarnation. I tend to forget that I couldn''t do any of it if I didn''t have my body & I often overextend it in my search for more spiritual growth, to my detriment. These insights came from information from my reading with Archangel Metatron & are a tiny part of what happened for me. I fully agree with all the reviewers who have shared their experiences of this reading before me and I can't urge enough anyone searching to grow spiritually to have a Metatronic Blueprint reading, the information you will receive will be challenging but you will be so glad you did - it''s solid gold.

Reviewer: Peter Buckley from Hancock Park, LA, USA   5 Stars
Having spent the last 15+ years trying to make sense of this thing called life and WHAT THE HELL I was supposed to be doing, I feel like I am now at peace with myself. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING makes so much sense, why I am like I am. Why the people and the experiences I have had, were like they were. I feel like a blind man who can now see, a bit dramatic I know but that is how I feel. I particularly liked the private one hour session with you that took me through the reading. The opportunity to ask anything at the time I was hearing it, meant I could glean so much more. Another plus was the recording you gave me too. The information on how to heal all aspects of my life will be my manual now. I have already made in-roads with some of the points and already I am seeing a difference. To show my appreciation I have just ordered a couple more of this reading for my manager and partner. Next time you''re in LA, call me, we must do lunch.

Reviewer: Susan from Alaska USA   5 Stars
This was an excellent reading!!! I wish I had this information years ago, I am so happy I have it now. The third-dimensional karma was a huge surprise. I was totally unaware of the extent of dysfunctional energy that was absorbed from others to the extent of me not being able to function properly in certain areas. it made me develop mistrust in myself which lead to indecision. Jill gives you recommendations to follow in order to heal and she explains everything very well and makes sure that you understand, you can ask questions at anytime. This reading covers everything that she says it does and more. I can now focus on my healing and spiritual gifts and goals- I know what I am to work on now, Jill is absolutely hilarious, I laugh when I replay the recording. Jill handed me the equivalent of a bar of gold, this reading is a steal at this price and the information is priceless. Best Christmas present I ever bought myself. Thank you Jill and Metatron!

Reviewer: James Jabbour from Canada   5 Stars
Hey! My name is James and I had the pleasure of getting a Metatronic Soul Blueprint Reading with Jill Harrison. During this session, I learned many invaluable things about myself in regards to my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Jill shared loads of information about how my past lives play a role in my current incarnation, as well as how to work on the lessons that I need to learn in order to evolve. I was also given clear insight on my spiritual gifts and my life purpose, and how to effectively sharpen my skills in order to achieve my life goals. All the information that she shared with me helped confirm my initial feelings about my life purpose, helped boost my confidence in myself as a powerful creative being, and helped me learn more things about myself that I otherwise would not have known had it not been channeled. Jill is a wonderful channeler, and is a pleasure to work with. She is very friendly during the session, and you are able to ask questions if you need anything clarified. I had listened to many of her guided meditations and webinars prior to this session, so it was lovely to be able to speak directly with her. She is very thorough with her reading and with the information that she brings forward with the help of Archangel Metatron. I would highly recommend this session or any of her other readings that pop-out to you. I hope you enjoy your experience, as much as I did! Thank you again, Jill! - James Jabbour

Reviewer: John Fowler from Gloucester, UK   5 Stars
What a wonderfully enlightening reading/video presented to me by Jill via Metatron. This blue soul print to my mind, is the pinnacle of all my spiritual readings also pictures with recordings. Lord Metatron presented true and caring messages that are aimed at me to tread a narrower pathway and staying focused on the removal of the negative ego that I have persistently sidestepped in a particular concept. I wished to illustrate the veracity of such a reading. I was told of the many lifetimes to reach my pinnacle only to fall, hence it is a harder road to travel all over again. Currently, the fog that once shrouded me is now simply a mist. We all have negative ego which is used on a daily basis, it isn't a criticism but a fact. Human beings don't like to admit to the negative side of themselves, I have done so to illustrate the veracity of such a reading. Angelic readings are always meant to be constructive not critical of ourselves. I can only hope that by using myself as an example it will be productive for the reader. I do use my positive ego in my endeavours, helped by Metatron and Michael what more could I ask for? This reading is a wonderful tool. Love and Joy, John.

Reviewer: Eddie Hogan from Ireland   5 Stars
The Blue Soul Print reading which I got from Jill was a real eye opener for me. The amount of work which Jill has put into this is incredible. It covered so much in each area of my Physical and Spiritual life that I needed to listen to the recording again to take it all in. Even at that, I know I will listen to it many more times to let everything sink in. Some items stuck with me from the beginning and I’ve started to work on these and other parts I’d actually forgotten already so the recording which Jill sends after the reading is useful. Everything Jill says makes absolute sense. It helps to piece together all aspects of my life, both physical and spiritual and start the process of creating balance between the two. There are many things in my life which I have buried deep inside of me and these were put out there so to speak. This was a real wake up call for me. I know it’s time to heal these old buried parts of me and what better way to be reminded of these than through this Blue Soul Print reading. It wasn’t always easy to listen to some aspects of it but I needed to hear it. By addressing the many things that were covered in the Blue Soul Print reading, this will help me move forward in my life and as Jill puts it, start living my dream and not someone else’s. I highly recommend getting a Blue Soul Print reading if you need that extra push to move on with every area of your life. I have already started to implement some of the advice I got, and I am so much more at peace now with my life than before. I’m still challenged by life of course, but I feel so much more hope now in what I can achieve if I really put my mind to it. Thanks so much Jill for this wonderful reading.

Reviewer: Claire joseph from West Yorkshire   5 Stars
For while now I have been drawn to have this reading, so when a discount appeared I took that as a sign. I have to say the knowledge gained from this reading you can not put a price on. I have had readings and courses in the past into spiritual matters that left me confused and negative towards those whom say are gifted. This reading will answer what you most need to know, and most likely do know, but needed confirmation of. It is overwhelming, tears may roll, but it is a small price to pay for true clarity and understanding. I cannot thank you enough Jill and truly commend the job you do. Please keep the light shining so overs like me can truly understand their place in the world. Truth love and light xc

Reviewer: JDR from San Francisco, CA   5 Stars
The information provided was very accurate and affirmed certain insights that I had already started to pickup on my own. The guidance provided has been extremely helpful, even in the cases where I might have preferred to receive something to the contrary, and is supporting my choices as I continue on my path. I have found that I am more assured and confident that the steps I am taking are the exact ones I need to be taking as well.

Reviewer: Jodie Archer from Los Angeles, USA   5 Stars
"I recognized the truth in all that Jill told me from Metatron: some things were glaringly clear to me and others were acknowledged as accurate from quieter whisperings and rumblings deeper in my soul. The reading was organized into spiritual and physical karma, giving me discreet chunks to think through and address. It made the reading practical and easy to follow, along with being deeply insightful. Jill's friendly manner helps in absorbing information and feeling fine to ask questions, big and small. I have total faith in her connection." With love, Jodie

Reviewer: Brendan from Michigan, USA   5 Stars
Best reading I've ever had! I had my reading done almost 2 months ago, but I waited until now to write about it so I could integrate more of it. I've listened to the reading countless times because it resonates so deeply. In fact, 2 months later I still think about the reading every day I wake up. It is such a core part of who I am that I take it with me everywhere I go. This was my 4th reading with Jill. Every reading has been so helpful. They truly guide my life path. Thank you so much. Much love, Brendan

Reviewer: Timothy from Hawkinge. Kent.   5 Stars
Jill provided me with a very useful blue soul print reading.Some of the points she made in the reading were very relevant and made me think about which direction i needed to go for my highest good.It was good that the reading gave me the good and the bad of my character,that is to say the things that i needed to work on. For example,she said that i needed to stop doubting myself.Which if i am honest with has been a problem of mine.She also pointed out that i tended to emulate other people rather than be my true self.Again something that was also true.These challenges i acknowledge as a lesson i needed to learn and am now in a position to put these behind me and deal with it. Jill always makes you feel at ease and is tactful in putting things that need to be addressed in a gentle way. I now have a roadmap of the life items i need to address and an understanding of my challenges in life. I cannot thank you enough Jill for this reading and can thoroughly recommend the blue print soul reading to anyone that wants to help with direction and guidance in their life. Big Love to you Jill. XXX