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This is a ten-week private coaching session designed to help you take a long, hard look at where you are in your life and how you can begin to transform into an empowered, happy, confident, successful person.
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Heal yourself with the help of Spiritual Coaching and discover how to be confident.

Scientific research has proved that much of what we are and our behaviors are shaped by the experiences we have been through in our growing-up years. Certain incidents leave an impact on our personality of which we are not often fully aware. This impacts our behavior with colleagues, partners, friends and family members.

Negative experiences leave a deep impact on our psyche resulting in low self-esteem. As a result of this, we react negatively to situations and are not able to change our behavior, even though we understand that our behavior inhibits the path to success. Sudden bursts of unexplained anger, feelings of depression, loneliness, difficulty in approaching higher authorities where it is required, and a tendency to go out of the way to please others, are some of the symptoms which a person with low self-esteem may exhibit. Blaming oneself at the slightest indication of any error, and lack of confidence and ability to be happy, are some of the effects of negative experiences.

However, you can change all this with the help of Spiritual Coaching. Spiritual Coaching can help you overcome your hidden inhibitions and reveal your true potential. You can bring the change you desire in your personality with the help of Spiritual coaching and esteem improvement.  It has been proven that you can achieve your goals by focusing on your desires, when the spirit and mind are in harmony, it is possible to achieve anything, with the right support and guidance.

Spiritual coaching can help you get the new job you always dreamt about, by making you a confident person with high self-esteem. The promotion that eluded you can be yours, by exhibiting the confidence to take on new tasks. The benefit of Spirituality to mental and physical health has already been widely acknowledged by the medical fraternity. It can also assist you in your relationships, so you're better able to communicate your needs and feel closer to your loved ones.

By using this Spiritual Coaching service, you can instantly benefit from the positive effects. You will have the guidance of an expert who will tailor the coaching to suit your needs, at a pace that is comfortable with you. You will find yourself supported through the whole programme. As you develop and grow you'll find yourself relaxing and able to focus better on tasks in hand. Your self-esteem will increase and your spiritual wellness will improve everyday. You will also discover how to manifest your dreams to come true, and achieve your goals, leading to a harmony between your mind, body and soul. This is the ultimate state which enables you to heal your soul, and help you to overcome all the negative influences and programming of the past so you are free to work towards a confident future. 

This is a 10-weeks private coaching sessions designed to help you take a long, hard look at where you are in your life and how you can begin to transform into an empowered, happy, confident, successful person.

Coaching is a two-way stream, you will be required to participate in focusing on the change you desire. Your change can be mentally, spiritually, emotionally, including relationship issues.

During this programme we will support you in becoming clear about yourself and what you feel is going on in your life.

Change is never easy, to enter into this coaching programme you must be willing to be totally honest with yourself. You won't be required to judge yourself, but enter into a state of acknowledgement so you can begin to move forward and create lasting change.

You will be required to work on assignments through the week and then enter into a personal/or Skype/ or Telephone coaching session. Work must be returned on time via email back to us, prior to each coaching session. 

In this soul empowement coaching programme, we will focus upon:-

  • Fear awareness
  • Anger awareness
  • Understanding empowerment through awareness and acknowlegdement.
  • Entering into acceptance.
  • We will examine your mental life and what you think about yourself.
  • We will look at what you believe about life/work/career/relationships.
  • We will examine your relationship with money.
  • Self-care - creating a pattern that nurtures your soul
  • Raising the bar - moving from where you are now into what you want.
  • Working on forgiveness.
  • Removing expectations and limiting beliefs.

This coaching programme requires you to have time to do written home work. If you have a busy lifestyle and aren't able to commit to the time required, please do not enter into this coaching session. Failure to complete each weekly assignment will result in termination of coaching with no refunds.

If you wish to make further enquiries about this coaching programme, then please email us or telephone us to discuss your requirements.

NOTE: You have the option to invest in this coaching session using a 3 monthly payment plan through PayPal. If you choose this option you will be sent a separate booking form, where you will be asked to subscribe to this service.



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Claire Beech from Perth Australia -
Jill has really helped me change my life, I felt really unsure and lost and life was just going from bad to worse. Jills down to earth personality and sense of humour helped me really feel at ease more like a friend than a coach. Jill really believed in me even when I was being negative and doubting myself. Each week Jillgave me the tools and courage to follow realise my dream were important and that they were possible if I was willing to trust in myself. A year on from this experience, that is how long I have left it before leaving a review because I wanted to see if this would be life changing and yes it was. I have now emigrated from Inverness to Perth I had the courage to leave my life in Scotland as a nurse and now I have a so much better life. I left my partner because I realised we were making ourselves miserable and I cut ties with my painful past and since then I have found this last year I have lived my live with passion with meaning. I am so thankful because in the beginning I just didn't realise it until I started working with Jill that even when the coaching has finished she is still a bit part of my life. Her daily facebook feeds are so inspiring encouraging and they keep me on track like a friend who is there for you not matter what so has Jill changed my life yes she has
Sonia Briars from London, UK -
It seems that no matter what issues I had they just would not resolve themselves. I was tired of reading self-help books, watching you-tube videos , visiting psychics to try and fixt everything that was going wrong in my life and after so many wasted days, weeks and yes even years I found Jill Harrison. I didn't think coaching would be the answer but Jill was patient and helped me see how if things were to change then I had to begin with what was going on inside of me. I felt I had lost the girl that I was. I felt that much of my life was filled with stuff but very little joy or a deep sense of fulfilment. Ten weeks on, yes, ten weeks on I am like a different person. The young girl I was, that young girl who was happy, eager to try new stuff is beginning to return and even though my outer shell looks mature, inside my 22 year old fun self is awakening. Jill helps you see how what we think, what we say to ourselves creates a lot of our own toxicity. She helped me identify behavioural and mental patterns that kept me in the loop of problem after problem. It was pretty ugly to look at everything and see in with clarity bbt Jill supported me in a very gentle and nonjudgemental way I felt like I had a spirit guide in the flesh. I loved how the sessions were done specicially to suit my own needs, never push but gently guided and supported. Jill was right I did not know how strong I was and how much life could change if I was willing to invest in myself. I am so glad I did. this coaching has helped me to offload so much pain, anger and help me overcome such a lot in such a short space of time. In terms of what this coaching has given me I would say it has saved me years of suffering depression, years of living well below my potential and yes I would even say perhaps years of mental health issues and illness. If you really are, like I was tired of everything then dont look at price of these coaching sessions look at the investment and ask yourself what value do you place on happiness health and joy it took me a long time to realise that sometimes if we want something badly enough you will do it when it hurts enough so thank you Jill you have completely refocused me and lifted me from my own pile of doggydoo.
Hannah Gatcombe from Florida, USA -
You have no idea how much you have changed my life. I have gone from mouse to confident, happy and fulfilled in this short space of time. I did worry about the cost of the coaching and if it would work, but you have really pulled out all the stops. Since your coaching, I have had the confidence to quit my job and get a better job with better pay. I have eliminated the toxic people out of my life and have a new set of friends who inspire me and support me. I have also lost 40lbs as I began to believe in myself more, I began to be more conscious of caring for myself too. I now devour motivational books. I have also attracted a new partner into my life who values me for who I am because I now value me. I truly truly truly cannot say how much this has worked for me. You are AWESOME!
Madeline Murray from Gainsborough, UK -
It took me some time to pluck up the courage to book this but Jill put me at ease straight away. Jill listened and put together sessions that fitted in with my heavy schedule which was helpful. Each session helped me become a more stronger and confident person, it finally has enabled me to say what I feel instead of holding back. It has really changed my life. The cost of this coaching seemed expensive but I was so tired of not being the person I knew I could be. I read books but it didn't help. This method did and I feel at last I can say I am, for the first time in my life comfortable with who I am. I am no longer afraid and I also understand how to let go of the past programming that I wasn't good enough. If you want results and you are willing to do the work, this really does work. Jill is so easy to work with and so supportive it is like getting help from a friend. I looked forward to our sessions and now feel kind of sad that they are over, but with Jill's help I also now have a better social circle of TRUE friends and that is something money just can't buy.
Susie Kasinger from Alaska, USA -
"I have been to lots of healers, taken a ton of classes, did inner child work, read lots of self-help books, listened to cds, and went on spiritual retreats - no one was able to get to the core of my issues and help me heal my emotions except for Jill"
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