Soul Immersion Deca-Delta Programme

Discover How To Transform Your Soul Frequencies & Access Your Universal Power
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Discover How To Transform Your Soul's Journey & Rewrite Your Life's Destiny

Deca-Delta consists of ten light frequencies which arrange your blueprint in life with the 'divine recorder cell. Learn how to access the Divine Recorder Cell within your body using a unique pyramidal energy network to help rewrite your life's destiny.

In this modern age, we are constantly at the mercy of energies and frequencies around us. Whether it is energies from people's emotional state or electrical gadgets these frequencies can and often do hinder our ability to achieve balance in mind, body and spirit. 

If our own energy vibrations are distorted this can have a serious affect on our ability to manifest, our ability to have stability in our lives, our ability to have loving and caring long-term relationships and most importantly of all, our health. Even now as you are reading this, have you ever considered how much energy is around you, transmissions from radio stations, mobile phones, microwaves, televisions, people's moods? 

What if, I could show you a way to tap into your soul plan so that you can rewrite your life, and unify your dreams with your destiny? How would this transform your life?

Learning how to alter and shift your own personal vibration is key in today's modern living if you wish to tap into and access your universal power.

Do any of these issues apply to you?

  • Feel trapped with your current lifestyle or relationships?
  • Want to change your life but whatever you do nothing seems to work?
  • Not sure who you are and what you're capable of?
  • Often feel upset?
  • Find life too intense?
  • Struggle to feel happy with yourself and your place in the world?
  • Tired but can't sleep?
  • Feel shaky or nervous but not sure why?
  • Other people irritate you?
  • Feel you're in a world you don't understand?
If you responded 'Yes' to any of these then this master class will show you how to raise your vibration and :-
  • Eliminate depression and move into peace and tranquillity
  • Reduce fear and move into excitement, enthusiasm and happiness
  • Increase your abundance
  • Harness your true power and strength
  • Evolve into the person you have always wanted to be
  • Transform your relationships.
  • Boost your professional status
  • Accomplish your goals with ease
Sound too good to be true? Could this Soul Immersion Deca-Delta Programme help you?
We will showing you in this amazing, life changing personal development class how to:-
  • Increase your sensitivity to light energies - by becoming more sensitive, you will high your ability to make the right decisions easier. You'll find creative solutions to lots of life's problems.
  • Work through the pyramidal light energies which arrange your blueprint in life - This moves you from suffering and chaos into inner peace. When you're more grounded in peace, the energies around you will flow easier, making it easier for you to remove energy blocks around you, which hinder your ability to manifest.
  • Access high levels of universal energies - Discover how to tap into the 'Olam Hayihud' for personal, spiritual and universal unification with the divine consciousness
  • Remove Other People's Imprints - Remove the ingrained habits you have absorbed from others. Discover where these energy blocks are held in your physical body so you can recognise and remove beliefs, behaviours and habits which hold you back.
  • Understand how your soul works - When you are able to stay in your soul's frequency, you will find a lot of issues you had with yourself, others or situations being released. Learning to let go and move into embrace our own spiritual power is extremely liberating, once you experience this, you won't want to leave your new found freedom.
  • Discover and rewrite your destiny - Explore your unlimited talents and realise your fullest potential by recogniseing what you enjoy and how to make a living a joyous life a reality.
This particular master class will be full of intuition development 'know-how' exercises to help you conscious change your life for the better. The world around is changing at an ever increasing speed. Rather than react to what is happening around you, learn to how destruct and reconstruct your life.

Every soul has their own time-line, learning to navigate your own time-line is key to ensuring you have the purpose to create and achieve your vision of your future and your dreams.  This master class really does give you the opportunity to learn how to navigate through life and be able to coordinate your life for greater happiness, fulfilment and success. 
If you're a light-worker or someone who wants to be successful in any area of their life, don't be like the majority of people who allow fear to stop them from achieving their destiny.  Too many people are living a passionless, numb and very disconnected life. You have the power to shape your destiny, if you'd like to rewrite some or all of your life what are you waiting for? Book today

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Alessandra Rodel from Bangkok, Thailand -
EXCELLENT, good balance between practice and theory. Good pace. Loved Crystal dome meditation, lots of good tools.
Edward Hogan from Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
2nd time attending this class. Excellent superconscious meditation. Wonderful class with great energy. Tutor delivered all aspects clearly and it was easy to follow.
Brendan Hill from Michigan, USA -
Outstanding, good results, new information, sense of openness, depth of meditation, Good feedback, group bonded well. I enjoyed the creative exercises that challenged my logical brain.
Timothy Ollerenshaw from Kent, UK -
Excellent way that things were organised. The comradeship and friendliness of all the people present. Ther merging of the souls and the energy communication sphere were most useful.
Sean Moloney from Brunswick, Australia -
Ecellent, it challenged me to learn and grow. Exposed areas that i wasn't strong in and took me far out of my comfort zone. Particularly useful was the snitch visualisation, working with symbols, reading other people's symbols and merging consciouness.
I.N. from Yorkshire, UK -
The master class was outstanding becasue you give us tools to use and take home with us. The information you give is straight from source. Exercises, meditation, symbols, thank you Jill, it was out of this world. It is like each class feels personalised.
Lyn Kershaw from Cambridgeshire -
The variety and number of techniques made the Master Class outstanding. There has to be something for everyone, in my case most of them. Able to get a connection at last. A brilliant course for personal develoment, to unblock blockages and help you move on and up wherever you are.
Edward Hogan from Co.Tipperary, Ireland -
Outstanding because of attention to detail, simplicity, great energy. Very professional, practical, suitable for eveyone.
Marzena Majerska from Yorkshire, UK -
Outstanding, I can't describe the class because it was so fantastic.
Marzena from Leeds -
I want to say big Thank you for Jill. I had a chance to be a part of the event when spirituality met science again.The two days were full of progression with energy work in different situations.I learned a lot about myself and others. How to work with my energy level and stay calm in difficult days of life. Also I learned a lot how to help others in their personal and spiritual path. We all different, but still the same in God's eyes.
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