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Immerse Yourself in Soul Energy Psychology; and heal yourself. Explore lives - between lives - Experience complete soul transformation. Increase your ability to open and work with your psychic gifts. Rapidly increase your ability to move forward in your life, on all levels.
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Immerse Yourself in Soul Energy Psychology; and heal yourself.

What if you could wake up tomorrow, and live your life as you have dreamt it could be?
Access your Soul's Wisdom and make it a reality.

Experience complete soul transformation.
In this Master Class, you will be given the tools to help you tap into your inner alchemist, and create a life of passion and purpose, by accessing your soul wisdom. Heavy focus is placed on exploring the periods your soul was learning, and working with your guides, in between incarnations.

Explore lives - between lives:-

  • Understand how your soul expresses itself in its truest light.
  • Take a voyage into understanding your soul's identity.
  • Heal unconscious beliefs.
  • Discover forgiveness practices to erase karma and blocks to your soul's journey.
  • Access leading-edge strategies, that will help you change unconscious limited beliefs, into soul-guidance.
This powerful Master Class will focus purely on self-healing and personal transformation. If you are searching for a way to enter into high-frequency vibration, so you can clear your past, and step into your magnificence; then this is for you.

Master-Class Programme:-
  1. Understanding the relationship between your soul and character.
  2. Understanding your soul light.
  3. Shamanic Healing Pouch - Understanding your soul essence.
  4. Soul Visioning - Beginning the process of clearing and healing.
  5. Identifying soul blocks and what is really holding you back.
  6. Soul block healing session.
  7. Exploring life-between life to discover the soul's vision.
  8. Redesigning your soul path.
  9. Expressing your soul's ideals.
  10. Soul designs - creating your future life path.
  11. Installing new soul beliefs for fulfilment, abundance and happiness.
What's in it for YOU?
  • Increase your ability to open and work with your psychic gifts.
  • Connect with the memory of your soul's presence, between incarnations, so you can identify your soul's talents, gifts, and how to integrate them into your current life.
  • Rapidly increase your ability to move forward in your life, on all levels.
  • Understand your soul qualities, and how those soul qualities can assist you in your career, relationships, health, finances and personal/spiritual growth.
  • Gain greater understanding about your authentic purpose.
  • Free yourself from ego and step in to manifesting mastery.
  • Release yourself from old programming that causes pain, suffering and blocks.
  • Increase your ability to channel energies.
  • Reduce your fears, doubt, and old programming, that blocks you being the best version of you.
  • Increase your ability to live in joy, love and abundance.
  • Save time and energy, by knowing instinctively the right direction, and action to take.
  • Improve your soul's talents and gifts, to enhance your life experiences.
  • Gain insightful knowledge about yourself in-between your incarnations.

Where:- Retford, DN227JJ, UK
When:- June 3/4
​​​​​​​What time:- 9.30am - 5.00pm


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Product Code SVMC7102
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