Spiritual Coaching - Psychic Development 1-2-1 Tuition

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Discover how to expand your spiritual growth and go from where you are now, to where you feel you need to be. If you have blocks, blind spots, specific challenges, experience unique and personal training that works with your intuitive abilities and helps you hone them so you can master yourself and life.
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Looking for Spiritual Coaching?

Do you feel you need extra helping with your spiritual development?

This particular coaching programme helps you to accelerate your spiritual growth. 

Experience a paradigm shift - quickly accelerate your spiritual and personal life.

Discover how to expand your spiritual growth and go from where you are now, to where you feel you need to be. If you have blocks, blind spots, specific challenges, experience unique and personal training that works with your intuitive abilities and helps you hone them so you can master yourself and life.

Why Consider Personal Spiritual Coaching?

  • Experience what it is like to live in the flow of universal abundance.
  • Feel peaceful and calm.
  • Helps you move through your issues rather than staying stuck.
  • Uncover and heal past issues that have blocked your growth.
  • Gain personal guidance and training that is unique to you and helps take you forward.
  • Experience consciousness expansion. 
  • Receive in-depth training on key areas that are important to you and  learn techniques to advance yourself.
  • Tap into spiritual empowerment.
  • Attain finer intuitive abilities.
  • Receive powerful enery expansion and healing.
  • Transform your reality.

Why is this spiritual coaching different?

Your individual coaching helps you fix our own personal issues and identify any areas that need healing or specific skills. These coaching sessions are decised to help you focus on what you want and need, and they help you tap into aspects of yourself that you are not currently utilising to the best of your ability.

If you're ready to go from average to AWESOME, and you desire to go deeper into your soul and learn how to work with your intuitive abilities for transformation, personal and spiritual growth, book your personal 1-2-1 consultation session with Jill today.

ASCENSION SPIRITUAL COACHING - This particular coaching will be tailored to your own specifications. Help with working with the Ascended Masters and expanding your energy fields for greater enlightenment is the main focus of this training.  If you feel blocked on your spiritual path or that a part of you is missing, this particular coaching programme will help you refind yourself, your spirit and happiness. 
  • Specific exercises will be given to help to support you in expanding your vibration and frequency.
  • Homework will be set between sessions to enable you to continue to practise. 
  • You'll be taught how to access the Ascended Master's training schools
  • How to channel and work with the right Ascended Master(s) for you

The aim of this Ascension coaching programme it to help you connect with your higher-self and help you understand your purpose. If you're looking for spiritual transformation, change your life and your world by booking this unique coaching with Jill today.

CHANNELLING SPIRITUAL COACHING - If you'd like to develop your mediumship or channelling skills, this particular coaching programme will help support you on a 1-2-1 basis to help you hone in your skills and abilities. This service is available as a 6 module programme and you can opt to take the 6 modules as and when you feel the need to.  

Some of these modules may include: - 
  • Safe practices of channelling
  • Finding your style of channelling
  • Opening and closing safely when channelling
  • How to tell who you're channelling and the purpose of the channelling
  • Confirmation and authentic channelling practices
  • Exercises to develop your channelling ability.
Please note that spiritual development is not an "Instant Fix", to become an authentic spiritual channel or experience true spiritual expansion and growth you must be prepared to have a disciplined approach to your studies. It takes time, effort and faith if you wish to progress. Therefore if you are looking for instant results these coaching sessions are not for you. 

If, however you are looking for spiritual awakening, to develop depth to your skills and to become the best that you can be, book a consultation and find out how Jill can help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

Book a consultation session to discuss your needs. If you opt to take the programme the consultation fee is deducted from the cost of the coaching. 

You can book an initial six week coaching session or you can opt for an in-depth six month coaching programme.


All private coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and are done via Skype or Facetime. Please ensure you have sat quietly in meditation or prayer for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes prior to your spiritual coaching session with Jill. At the time of your appointment Jill will call you via your chosen preferred method. 

Ensure that 1 hour prior to your session you have not consumed any stimulants such as pain killers, caffeine/alcohol or energy drinks. Ensure you are hydrated with water and that you are in a relaxed and comfortable state.  Ensure you remove your watch and that you are not wearing any tight clothing. Also as colours carry vibrations, try to wear something light to lift your energies rather than black or grey. Also if possible, remove your shoes and socks to ensure you are fully grounded during your sessions with Jill.


It is essential that you ensure you will not be disturbed. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions that apply to our coaching services before you book. Alternatively book a consultation with Jill and she will take you through everything you need to know. 



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Amanda Yardley from Kent, UK -
Jill I just want to say a big thank you for your coaching sessions. These really helped me focus and get the results I had been hoping for. Your guidance and teaching was so supportive. You helped me grow my confidence in my psychic abilities and finally instead of trying to use a psychic skill that was not my strongest, you helped me tap into my strengths and use those skills with great results. Your encouragement, kind positive words have kept me motivated and have given me the opportunity to grow much quicker than I believed I could. I have spent a lot of time, energy and money on books, videos trying to find what I was looking for I feel so lucky that I came across you. A very big thank you
David Baxter from Kentucky, USA -
Just got to say thank you for all your help. With so much psychic training and information out there it is hard to find the real deal and with you, I did find the real deal. The coaching sessions really have helped me quickly find my niche and my connection with spirit is real strong now I can't thank you enough. You helped me understand the levels of ascension and how to build my light quotient. I have built my light quotient so much faster as a result of your coaching. Now I advanced my abilities, it is great to understand I am working with the Arcturians and why. Since your coaching, I am now working with them regularly on the advanced light technologies they are using to help humanity at this time. You really have helped me go beyond anything I thought was possible. You have enabled me to go from dreaming about teaching to teaching. You should call yourself the teacher of teachers. You really have changed my life.
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