Spiritual Council Channelled Reading

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In this particular reading, Jill Harrison will channel for you who your own Archangels, Guardian Angel and spiritual council members are, so that you can petition them for dispensations to help you remove karma, access your own Akashic Records.
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Have you ever wondered which Archangels and Ascended Masters were integral in your current soul's journey?

​​​​​​​Your personal Spiritual Council consists of various Archangels, Ascended Masters, Lords of Karma and higher-Dimensional beings who helped you to choose your current life assignments. Your spiritual council helped you to decide which souls and communities you were to be assigned to, to help you with your current soul's evolution.

In this particular reading, Jill Harrison will channel for you who your own spiritual council members are, so that you can petition them for dispensations to help you remove karma, access your own Akashic Records, and communicate with them for further guidance and support.

With each spiritual council member, you will discover how they can help you and what specific skills your soul needs to learn in this lifetime.

There is also an option for you to discover your own Guardian Angel's name(s) and how you can best connect with your guardian angel for personal communication with them.

You will discover:-

Your Over-lighting Archangel
Your Spiritual Gateway Archangel & Ascended Master
Your Emotional Gateway Archangel & Ascended Master
Your Physical Gateway Archangel & Ascended Master
The Keeper of your Scroll
Elective Ascended Masters
Karmic Ascended Master



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Kristi from Grand Forks, ND USA -
Purchased this reading on a whim, and didn't know what to expect. Upon first reading it, I was disappointed, as I purchased it with the hope there would be some feedback about a couple of blocks I've been struggling with. But the more I read it, I came to appreciate the wealth of detail that was within it, especially regarding meditation. Lessons were listed under each gateway, along with a bit of advice as to how to achieve mastery of said lessons. The personal highlight for me however, is that there were even personal meditations given to me by my spiritual council members. Meditation I know is a huge part of my soul's journey and it was wonderful to know what I am allowed to do meditation wise. It gave me a nice feeling that there were so many entities looking out for me. In short, it is what I needed, for whenever I decide to get things done. Would recommend. :)
Susie Beebe from Alaska -
Because of the information that Jill provided me I was able to overcome obstacles that were holding me back in my spiritual development. Compassion was a big one, I always thought I was very compassionate but it was brought to my attention that I wasn't being compassionate toward myself which never even crossed my mind. I have learned to embrace compassion through self-nurture, self-praise and self-love. Each one of our council members are here to help us learn and grow, this reading allows us the luxury of knowing who to call on with each of the issues we need to work on. Another wonderful part is that I know what my Guardian Angels names are and I can call on the personally instead of "Guardian Angels can you please come to me". Each reading I get from Jill is helping me embrace and work on issues so I can have the most fulfilling life that I was meant to have.
Brendan Hill from USA -
Jill's readings never cease to amaze me. However, I felt this reading had almost too much information. It contained meditations tips, stones to assist my energies, gateways I'm working with, and guardian angels. The guardian angel names feel so amazing when I say their names. I get goosebumps just thinking about their names. It's really incredible. Really.
Harold Inkersoll from Hong Kong -
AMAZING - So much detail, I didn't expect to have personal meditation guides to my spiritual council. This was a very informative reading and not just some scrap of paper with a few words on it. With guidance to crystals, oils, to help me connect with each archangel, ascended master AND detailing the lessons I am working on in each section of my soul's journey. WOW.. simply can't describe how brilliant this reading is. I have been searching for a reading like this for years, and if I had added up every dime I had spent on readings in the past, they stand in the shade by comparison to what you have delivered to me today. God Bless you Jill
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