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Are you sick and tired of the same old life that you have been living all this time? Do you want to free yourself from a monotonous life? Do you want to develop your psychic abilities, protect and empower yourself in a better way? If so this spiritual retreat may be just what you need.
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Are you sick and tired of the same old life that you have been living all this time?

Do you want to free yourself from a monotonous life?

Do you want to develop your psychic abilities, protect and empower yourself in a better way?

I don’t know about you, but I believe there is nothing better than being spiritual. Often, a lot of people confuse being spiritual with being religious. However, there’s a big different between both the terms. While being religious means believing in a particular religion and tends to hold promote separation, for example if you are not following our faith then you’re an outcast; being spiritual means finding our own truth, and living a life where you embrace virtues such as love, compassion, tolerance, kindness, and you see everyone as being equal. Spirituality is about awakening to our fullest potential and creating a better world for all things created.

If you’d like to change yourself, your life, and develop yourself to your fullest potential; why not consider the benefits of attending our spiritual healing retreat?

Why should you consider attending a retreat?
  • Attending a spiritual retreat is a great way to begin to change how you see and experience yourself.
  • It will help you clear your head of all the normal day-to-day clutter, so you can become clear about what you need to change and how to go about creating that change, in a way that is simple and comfortable for you.
  • You’ll get to take a break from the boring and monotonous daily tasks and some of the negative people who may have been inadvertently holding you back from creating change, or believing in yourself.
  • When you go on a spiritual healing retreat, you go through a process, where your entire spirit and soul is cleansed, invigorated and rejuvenated.
  • You get to meet supportive, positive, fun people who like you, are seeking to improve their lives.
  • It’s a great opportunity to treat your mind, body and soul.
  • It offers you a way to rediscover your way, your potential and what is possible for you.
  • It increases your ability to shift your perspective from lack and disappointment, to inner peace, happiness, joy and fulfillment.
  • Explore different ways to rebuild yourself and your life.
  • Learn how to develop and expand your own spiritual awareness for greater insight.
  • Improve your meditation and spiritual healing abilities.
  • Release the past and understand your life purpose.
  • After attending our spiritual healing retreat, you will be able to quickly and easily determine what is the right course of action or decision for you. You’ll notice an increase in your ability to focus and concentrate on things that are important to you, thereby creating a well-balanced life, doing all the things that you always wanted to.
  • Experience complete relaxation and empowerment. No matter how many hardships you have gone through in your life, you will come away understanding how to let go of the past and create effective change in your life.
How different would your life be, if you gave yourself a gift of freedom and recharged your batteries? 

If you currently don’t know what to do, how to begin to change your life, then have faith in yourself and create a shift in your own life by joining us on our spiritual retreat.

If you attend our healing and spiritual development retreat, we’ll gently guide you through the process of how to create a shift in your own thoughts, actions and beliefs to help you maximize your inner strengths.  If your life isn’t working right now, what have you got to lose?

If you’re tired of
  • making the same promises to yourself that you are never motivated enough to see through
  • telling yourself ‘Tomorrow will be different”
  • feeling disappointed
  • struggling to get ahead in life
then a spiritual retreat may be what you need, to help you live your dreams and transform your life.

If you’d like help creating the life you’ve always wanted, and your ready to change your life,  book yourself on our spiritual retreat and let us help you on our spiritual journey through life.

Join us for a fully integrated spiritual retreat designed to help you quickly accelerate your own spiritual ascension process. This spiritual retreat week is designed to help you move through a series of very powerful energy attunements to help you reveal more of your true spiritual self. During the week you will have the opportunity to talk with Jill and gain personal insight and intuition help throughout the week.

Stay with Jill & Glenn Harrison at Montagu House in Retford, North Nottinghamshire, UK and have a fully-immersed spirituall experience full of fun, laughter, learning and healing.

This spiritual retreat is a great way to leave what is known, and to take yourself to a new place, to gain a new spiritual perspective through personal development.
This spiritual retreat will help you to:-

Connect with like minded-individuals who are seeking spiritual growth.
  • Experience profound healing, deep relaxation and spiritual transformation.
  • Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life stresses.
  • Explore different and new perspectives where you are able to reflect and uncover what your soul really desires.
  • Strengthen the relationship with your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Harmonise and balance your body, mind and spirit..
  • Practice self-care, self-love and self-nurturing, so that when you return back to your loved ones, you are able to develop deeper relationships.
  • Gain insight into understanding your inner strengths and values
  • Enhance your spiritual growth and experience personal transformation
  • Nurture your spiritual gifts
  • Increase mental and emotional abilities
  • Enhance self-respect and develop a strong spiritual identity
  • Discover how to live a practical and fulfilling life.
  • Celebrate your human greatness
  • Uncover your own core values of the soul, your relationship with spirit
  • Learn how to powerfully heal and transform the self and help others.
This retreat includes healthy and delicious meals daily, transformational master classes all designed to teach you how to awaken your spiritual gifts, attract more peace, abundance, and balance in your everyday life. 
Please see the bottom of this page for all class and accommodation options
These very powerful sessions will help you clear away old programming, unlockold energies within the soul.

Programme of Events:

Friday - 19 May 2017 - Arrival and Registration
Sat/Sun - 20 & 21 May 2017 - Pleiadian Chamber Healing - Click here for course content
Monday - 22nd May 2017 - Optional Extra - Day Trip Belton House & Country Park £20.00 per person*** 

Tue/Wed 23 & 24 May 2017 - Metatronic Soul Light Leadership Programme - Click here for course content
Thursday - Optional Extra - Private Session/Reading with Jill Harrison
Friday - Free Day
Sat/Sun - 27 & 28 May 2017 -
Starseed Quantum Cosmic Healing - Click here for course content
Monday - Departures

Alternatively stay on for another weekend and attend 
the Soul Visioning Master Class on the 3 & 4 June 2017
and leave on Monday 5th June (additional fees apply)

Belton House - Courtesy of Wikipedia

This fully inclusive rate covers the cost of all classes and any handouts/manuals
it does not include any travel costs, accommodation, meals/refreshements
 or Optional Extras.

Spaces very limited - Book early to avoid disappointment.


(*Discount applies to retreat only and not accommodation) 
Just enter HAPPYDAYS into the discount/promotion code at checkout to receive your discount.

INSTALMENT PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE -  Email us, or telephone us, if you wish to take this option.

WHERE: - Montagu House - London Road - Retford, North Nottinghamshire, DN22 7JJ UK




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Edward Hogan from Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
We covered a lot in a timely and unrushed manner. I feel my trust in meditation has improved immensely in just allowing it to unfold. Wonderful, great energy. Tutor delivered all aspects clearly and was easy to follow.
timothy Ollerenshaw from Folkstone, Kent -
The teaching and explanation was profound (A+) The friendliness of everyone there was lovely and I was made to feel welcome. The explanation of how it all works, the opportunity to experience and appreciate the high energies, outstanding. Lovely home-made food and terrific accommodation - can thoroughly recommend.
Jane Ratcliffe from UK -
Outstanding. Jill's easy-going and approachable manner makes the teaching and delivery of information very easy and enjoyable to learn.
A.R from Bangkok, Thailand -
Excellent, many oportunities to practice. I've learnt and understood some important stuff. Good balance between practice and theory. Good pace. Lots of wonderful meditations.
Javier Rendon from San Francisco, USA -
Excellent, I had some cool experiences, enlightening! It furthered my understanding.
Susie Beebe from Alaska, USA -
OUTSTANDING - You are an excellent teacher. This was very transforming for me. Learned some awesome techniques and with practice will become very helpful. It was easy to understand you you made sure that all was understood. Thank You!
Brendan Hill from Northville, USA -
Good/strong similarities with the participants. Really enjoyed the feedback from Jill. Good results. New information, sense of openness, depth of meditation, I enjoyed the creative exercises that challenged my logical brain. Helped me to understand my life purpose and what REALLY truly makes me happy. The channeling was really incredible. It was challenging, but the challenge was very rewarding, it became easier and easier. I had experiences I've never felt before.
Sean Moloney from Melbourne, Australia -
The potential for further spiritual development mastering is very high. It challenged me to learn and grow. Helped me to see spirituality and healing in a different light. Got a lot of answers. Excellent
Sue Scott from Derbyshire, UK -
Outstanding, the possibilities are endless. A whole new slant on everything!
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