StarSeed Gateway Vibrational Code Reading

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If you are fascinated by the universe, crop circles, stars, theories of aliens, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria or Indigenous Tribes, it could be you are a Star-Seed
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Are you drawn to the sky at night? Do you find it hard to feel as though you belong anywhere?

If you are fascinated by the universe, crop circles, stars, theories of aliens, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria or Indigenous Tribes, it could be you are a Star-Seed. A Star-Seed being is a higher-dimensional being who has chosen to incarnate upon the earth plane with the express purpose of helping to transform the physical, humanoid world.

A Star-Seed seeks to help others move or transform their energies from:-
  • Self destruction to growth
  • Darkness to light
  • Separation to oneness
  • Sleep state to awakened state
  • Separate consciousness to collective consciouness

If you are seeking to understand your earthly incarnation, the gateway you entered the earth plane through, this guidance will help you develop a deeper awareness of your soul not only on the physical plane but also the universal level.

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Akira Nakayama from Tokyo, Japan -
Dear Jill, thank you for sending me the "StarSeed Gateway Vibrational Code Reading." They are truely a loving gift sent from the Divine...and also it is amazing to feel these readings are sent at the exact time when they are needed.

Your reading is really multi-dimensional, every time I go and read through your readings, I can feel different part of the readings soak into me and activate my energy field.

It has been quite a while since I have decided to align my life to my soul purpose. And every now and then I receive a flash of inspiration, a piece of puzzle of whom I really am, but quite difficult to grasp the whole picture...this reading brought additional pieces in and put them all together!!

After going through the reading and feeling fulfilled, I heard a voice within me from my Guides and Angels stating "Now you have accessed to these energies, you are asked to take another big step forward to live your soul purpose." and I said "I will. :)"

Thank you Jill, for bringing so much love and light to all of us.
Brendan Hill from USA -
This is a helpful reading for a long term scenario. I would not necessarily recommend this reading if you want immediate understanding of your situation. It will provide that to you, but it will also give you a lot of information that takes awhile to integrate. For instance, it gives you symbols to meditate upon and deep concepts that take years to fully integrate. It's a great reading to have in conjunction with a more personal one.
Martin James Lloyd from Stafford England -
Hi Jill
Thanks for my Stargate Reading, it was a very powerful experience reading this for the first time one that has answered many questions. I still cannot put it down and have not totally taken every bit of information in as yet but the more I return to it the deeper it becomes.
It has given me a stronger faith and a clear direction in the path I have taken and will most definitely return for another reading.

Love and Light
Martin James Lloyd
Susie from Alaska USA -
What a fantastic reading! I'm so excited- with the help of Jill things are unfolding rapidly for me.I had never heard of a Starseed until I found this website and I didn't think I was one until recently- what one thinks is not always as they are, thats for sure. There is so much information, my Origin Gateway: Arcturian (Sirian-Seeded) and my Archangel Gateway: Archangel Sandalphon was what I came through to get to planet Earth, how my life was on Arcturus, why I came to Earth and what my mission on Earth is. You are given inter-dimensional guidance, information from higher dimensions and Star Knowledge that your Higher Self wants you to know. Please purchase you Sigil with this reading, I have actually seen some of these symbols before but had absolutely no idea what they were or if I just had a piece of fuzz or floaters in my eye. Jill offers ideas on how to use it to create a shift in your mental and emotional state. Laying in bed a few weeks ago I was seeing writings on rock walls and realized that they were hieroglyphics and in this reading I was told that it is important that I recall my knowledge that I learned in Egypt. Everything is coming together for me and I feel relieved. Every day I am grateful that I found Jill.
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