Starseed Parallel Guidance

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Understand your Starseed history. Discover what karmic and parallel patterns and lessons you are working through in your life at this time. This starseed channelled reading will help you if you are seeking a deeper understanding of your soul for personal illumination and transformation. 
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Understand your Starseed history.

Discover what karmic and parallel patterns and lessons you are working through in your life at this time.

This Starseed channelled reading will help you if you are seeking a deeper understanding of your soul for personal illumination and transformation. 

This starseed guidance reading will reveal the ancient starseed patterns that may be hindering you, and what you need to do to further your own awakening.
  • Understand your star connections
  • Unlock your soul's awareness
  • Discover how to apply your soul's ancient wisdom in your present life.
  • Access information that offers you an opportunity for exceptional growth
  • Understand your place in the cosmos
  • Uncover some of the parallel lives you are experiencing at this time

This is a very deep reading for those people ready to rise above the mundane spiritual reading and enter the deeper matrix information of the soul. It offers you an opportunity to access soul information that you didn't feel was possible. 

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Kate from Alberta, Canada -
Both Starseed Parallel Lives readings delved deeply into what would shift old paradigms in me, highlighting areas I recognized but did not appreciate were actually of considerable importance to this task. Jill awakened me in key ways, to be made privy to parallel lives and why they were reaching out to me. It did much to bring into sharper focus the bigger picture of my multi-dimensional self and roles specific to my soul. It was top calibre work and the readings continue to remind me where my focus needs to be. When we think we know it is often only a hint. The readings brought me closer into alignment with what I hope to achieve in this present life. Thank you.
Becky from California -
I have just begun to look at the information shared in this amazing reading. I had been asked previously to look into my other lives to help me and this reading was exactly what I needed to bring forth this focus. One of the aspects we all face along our journey is the integration of our many selves in the many life times and this helps to begin to understand how multidimensional we are and how each life is integrating with the other. I am thrilled. For us to begin to understand and integrate allows us to open up in each life to the gifts of spirit we have in another and to also clear those issues which are hindering us. I am so thankful for this reading and highly recommend it. Each of the readings I have had with Jill have been of great benefit.
Timothy Ollerenshaw from Canterbury -
Testimony to Jill Harrisons Star seed Parallel Guidance

The actual report that Jill had done was literally mind blowing. I had to read the report at least three times just for it to sink in and for me to comprehend the information. It was a bit of a shock to realise that we are actually multidimensional beings that are playing/acting in various roles in different timelines. [Living many existences at one time!]
That these roles we are playing in are all going on simultaneously even though they are occurring in different timelines.
In Jill’s report it was brought to my attention that I was currently being overshadowed with energies from Orion and that karmic energies of Repression over my spiritual gifts were a repetitive re-incarnational theme for me.
I feel that this is a very revealing aspect that has now been bought to my attention and reinforces that repression by both others and myself is a theme that I will be dealing with and will be addressed by me in my current life.
Jill picked up that “abandonment” had also been an additional theme that is part
Of my re-incarnation too. This made sense, as I believe this explains why
When I was young I struggled with issues around self worth, sadness and looking
Outside of myself for love etc
It was interesting to note that I had an incarnation in Egypt and that this also left me to deal with feelings of abandonment. Although I have had a holiday in Egypt,
I feel that I will need to go back on a spiritual journey sometime.
A past life as a Zeta Reticuli came as a bit of a shock to me. I can remember doing a meditation once and I had a glimpse of what I thought was one of the greys but I guess it must have been the zetas. I have also seen this face in the clouds. (lol)
Apparently the message they want to convey with me is that I have a habit of rejecting my emotions and pushing them deep inside of me.
I feel they are spot on and thank you for pointing that out. Love you.
Jill also pointed out that I had also had a Vegan role. Where martial arts and meditation were a theme. Interesting as martial arts is and has been an interest of mine in my current life.
My vegan role asks that I awaken and remember that spiritual growth cannot be attained without spiritual discipline. Again thank you for that message.
I would also like to thank Jill for this life changing and inspiring information.
Big love to you all. Xxx
PS. I would recommend this reading to anyone. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Martin James from Stafford -
Starseed Parallel Guidance Reading

On my first reading of this document I was totally overwhelmed and fascinated by my multidimensional lives that I simultaneously "Play out" across the Universe and Galaxies.

There is so much information that is beneficial to your Soul's growth and direction in this reading that you cannot rely on a single read, already I've gone over this guidance twice and still gathering more information.

I highly recommend this Starseed Parallel Guidance Reading to everybody who wishes to go beyond their Earthly Life and break down those barriers to progress on their Soul's Path.

Thank you so much Jill for enlightening me, I will definitely be back for another reading in the near future.

Martin James Lloyd
Curtis M from Bakersfield,CA. USA -
WOW, stretched my consciousness to a multi- dimensional level. No wonder I am
tired, took on some challenges, but the journey is rewarding. Will get more later.THANK YOU JILL, YOUR AWESOME. Curtis M
rinrin from Japan -
The reading was extensive, precise, and profound. Thank you so much! I never thought of such multi-dimensional Starseed roles. It was quite an eye-opener. It made me again to confront the homework I need to do on my own. Thank you!
Anette from Sweden -
5 stars I give Jill for this amazing reading. I can really recommend this reading to anyone that is searching for the truth about the souls journey and mission. She will with the help from the angelic realm give the tools so that you can work with your own enlightenment. That is for me a great blessing. I will be forever thankful. Light and love from me.
Maria *** from Canada -
Thank you Jill for this excellent Starseed Parallel Guidance reading, I love it! It has helped me understand my Starseed history and multidimensional realities better. I was becoming more and more aware that I have parallel lives reason which is why I chose this channeled reading. It is amazing to know that I am having parallel lives in the past, present and future! (in human terms). This reading has revealed my multi-dimensional starseed roles in different existences/times that I am having now at this present moment, and how they are affecting my soul’s growth and impacting my current life in the 20th century. I am now aware of my biggest blocks and will work on that. Your reading has confirmed my strong connections with some beings including the reptilians and the Arcturians, it has also confirmed my healing abilities and I will definitely work with the Arcturians to help me develop my skills and how to use them better. I strongly recommend this channeled reading.
Kristi Garster from USA -
I finally got around to reading this and I am amazed at what I've learned. This reading was just full of one revelation after another! All of it just spoke to me and I believe I finally figured out the last pieces of the puzzle. Wonderful reading highly recommend it!
TS from Tokyo, Japan -
This reading gave me another layer of information that I was seeking. It was a powerful experience and the information has been incredibly helpful in showing me the challenges I must overcome and how to grow.
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