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To develop and activate the third eye requires practice and discipline. Like learning to play the piano, you have to practice every day if you want to become a concert pianist. There are many mis-conceptions about what the third eye is and what it can do for you, in terms of spiritual growth.

Some people believe that when the third eye is open, they will see and connect with the world of those who have passed over, in other words, our loved ones. Some believe it will enable them to see into the future and prophesies events that will unfold. Whilst the third eye may, from time to time, reveal and connect us with messages from beyond the grave;

The true purpose of the third eye can be found in the bible. Matthew 6:22 tells us the following:-

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light"

The third eye is a tool given to all of us, to enable us to reach our fullest potential. Your third eye helps you connect with your inner world, so you can explore and discover more about your own soul and destiny.

I am often asked by people "How do I open my third eye", my reply is, stop focusing upon trying and enter into a state of allowing. Often as humans, when we want something, we focus intently until we get what we want. In spiritual development however, you have to remember that if you desire something too much, you stress and alter your energies, therefore making it impossible for you to do or have what you want.

One of the easiest ways to help you get your third eye super fit and open, is to use guided meditations. Why?

When you are using guided meditations, they allow you to take the pressure of trying to open your third eye and put you into a state of awareness. Listening to a guided meditation and just letting yourself gently be supported through the meditation, means that you create a flow of energy which is controlled and allows you to strengthen your third eye. With time you may begin at first to see lights or colours. As your third eye develops, you may see images, faces, like a movie coming into and out of focus. Often people who meditate block the process by trying to analyse what they see.

I have had some people comment on seeing something, but the more they focused, the more they kept losing the image. It is important to understand that if you try to analyse what you see, you switch off the part of the brain which is connecting you to the world of spirit. Try if you can to analyse what you saw, after you have finished your guided meditation. Keep a journal and write down your experiences. This way you can keep a log of your progress and you may see a pattern of information, or message coming through for you.

We all have the ability to open and work through our third eye, but to do so, requires you to practise and continue practising until you reach a high level of spiritual vibration where everything clicks into place.

Unfortunately there is not a magic key you can press. According to Archangel Metatron there are three layers to the third eye, each one needs time to adjust and begin to operate at its optimum level. Try to think of the third eye, in this way:-

1. You have been in a dark room for a very long time and someone opens a window slightly and you catch your first glimpse of light, but the light is too strong, so you have to wear sunglasses to look at it. You practise this until your eyes no longer hurt.

2. As you become accustomed to the light around you, you take off your sunglasses a little bit at a time, so your eyes begin to adjust to being able to see around you and you begin to get used to the light within the room.

3. You now feel adjusted to the light and open the door and venture outside to see the world, at first you have to return to wearing your sunglasses but with time again, your eyesight adjusts until you no longer need your sunglasses.

This is akin to developing and opening your third eye, it needs time to adjust. Often because the muscle of the third eye hasn't been used, it is normal to experience pain just slightly above the bridge of the nose. With time, the pain will ease.

To help you develop your third eye, the Ascended Masters have given us some trance-channelled guided meditations. The latest addition to this range is from Mary Magdalene.

If you're new to psychic development, or you've tried before but not found anything that will work for you, we'd recommend you work through your development in stages.

  1. The art of relaxation - in order to begin any form of psychic development, you need to ensure you have the ability to enter into a relaxed state. Learning to relax is essential to third eye development.
  2. Practice psychic protection - This is not because there are evil spirits waiting to lure you towards back things, it is to ensure that you are not drawn towards negative energies which may affect how you react to anything you may see.
  3. Grounding - For energy to flow through you, so you can channel spirit and receive messages, having the ability to ground and connect yourself to the Earth is essential. Grounding creates a secure strong base for you to explore the world of spirit.
  4. Third Eye Development - Begin guided meditations daily to begin activating and opening your third eye.

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Reviewer: Alex Brinser from UK   5 Stars
great meditations to listen to, love them to bits. Thanks

Reviewer: Alice Steadman from Nebraska   5 Stars
Thank you so much for these meditations, they have helped me finally open my third eye. I was getting to the point of giving up but came across your meditations and after trying them, I am amazed they have worked for me. I was told I had the ability to see but didn't believe it. I wanted to, but I found it really hard to visualise or see anything. I did as you asked and worked with these every day and within two weeks the difference has been great.