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In this Trance Channel Archangel Reading - Chaneled Angel Reading, your angels will reveal what aspects about yourself are hindering your ability to experience fulfilment and happiness, in your personal and professional life. Filled with practical guidance, awaken to your true self, transform those aspects of the self which are holding you back.
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This Trance Channel Archangel Reading - Chaneled Angel Reading, Jill will channel your over-seeing Archangel so you can:-

  • Receive healing and support from your angels.
  • Help you gain clarity about yourself, your situation and your life.
  • Increase your feelings of positivism.
  • Overcome fear and doubt.
  • Show you opportunities in the midst of your problems.
  • Increase your ability to succeed.
  • Improve your relating potential.
  • Save you from chaos and suffering.

Your angels will reveal what aspects about yourself are hindering your ability to experience fulfillment and happiness in your personal and professional life. Filled with practical guidance to help you awaken to your true self, so you can transform those aspects of the self which are currently holding you back.  

This chaneled angel reading will give you the motivation, support and information to help you find your purpose and fulfil your potential.

Your Archangel may also bring you guidance on how your behaviour and attitudes are affecting your ability to experience joy, fulfilment and love.

The gift in this archangel channeled reading is a personally trance-channelled message from the Archangels to help you understand any soul challenge and how to work through it; or to recognise and respond to any future opportunities. 

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Marly Jenkins from Perth, Australia -
Thank you so much for such a great reading. I had goosebumps it was eerily so accurate I could swera you were reading my mind, you are one of the best readers I have ever come across loved how you put stuff across too not bull just plain speaking and your common sense advice has also given me sum ideas on how to approach some of the problems Im having.
Brendan Hill from USA -
This reading helped me to not feel so self-critical. It put my critical nature into perspective and helped me to respect and love the parts of me that are unique - but I just never perceived them as being unique. This was a very positive reading for me (both from looking at what I have to improve and being gentle about it), and it makes me want to hug this Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi. Much gratitude.
Marie from Canada -
Juliet Branahan from Spain -
Hi Jill,

I was running late for work this morning and only had a chance to glance over the reading. Now that I'm back home for the evening and have had the chance to go over it more closely, I am really moved by how "spot on" the reading feels.

Metatron has really spoken to me in a very deep way. This was an "extremely meaningful reading; Detailed and powerful; Very high level work here!".

Your work is incredibly high level and eerily accurate. It is "compassionately candid" in that I heard what I needed to hear in a way that I could take in. The reading really has inspired me to move forward on some issues where I have felt very blocked.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. It's a wonderful way for others to get to experience the very healing messages and gifts that you have to offer. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for true communication with the archangels/ascended masters. You genuinely have that gift!

In closing, I wondered if I could pose a final quick question (I don't want to be inappropriate or take advantage of your time) and that is that I am drawn to ALL of the CDs . (I'm sure that means that, at some point, it would be helpful for me to do all of the meditations.) Based on my energies, the reading you did, which one would be best for me to do at this time?

Clearly I have a lot of work to do on myself and I just dont know which area to start with first as all of the angelic CD's call to me!(If you don't feel guided to give me an answer to this, that's fine and I"ll trust that as well.)

Thanks, Jill. And, thanks again for such a meaningful reading. I will print it out and refer to it many times in the days to come.

:) Juliet
Cathy Harrison from UK -
I've seen many over the years, you're most definitely the best, awesome, thank you
Chido from Zimbabwe -
Thank you, meeting my angels at last was well worth the journey to see you.
Clare Wilson from UK -
Hi there Jill,
I've just read my angel reading and it was amazing!!! When I first started reading it brought tears to my eyes because I totally understood what it meant. The reading means so much to me especially at this moment in my life. I have felt the angels around me at certain times in my life but lately I have felt disconnected,the reading has helped me to reconnect again,thank you. I know at times you must feel your gift is a burden but i would like to take this opportunity to applaud you for what you do. With the help from the angels you have brought some light back into my life. I send many thanks and well wishes to you.
Again thank you Jill
Charlene Winters from UK -
Hello Jill,
I just want to say a big thank you for my reading today, it was truely an experience! I've just listened to it again and it has certainly put my mind at ease and pointed me in the right direction.It just goes to show all you need is a little push and a bit of guidance! Thanks again.
Sonia Samson from Germany -
Hello again Jill !

Just read your channelling you sent through again, the first time around I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all, but reading it now its quite wonderful !! Read it again, and the last paragraph too !!!!!! Hope you realise how special you REALLY are :-)))
Angela Clarke from UK -
Dear Jill, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! It was spot on with different issues and it rang a chord deep inside. It brought up things that where locked away and although it was a surprise to get a message from El Moyra (who I didn't feel I had any connection with), it did, in fact, feel like a long forgotten friend talking to me. I felt a lot of love and understanding emanating from the message. I'm not sure how I'm going to put some of the things into practise but no doubt the right guidance will come at the right time for me! Many thanks again - and to anyone hesitating over whether to have a reading, do it! It'll be the best money you've ever spent!!
Take care, With love and light, Angela
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