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Webinar LIVE Events

Join us on our live webinars for help with spiritual and personal development, this is a fun way to join with people from around the world in healing, spiritual consciousness awakening and spiritual transformation. Please note our webinars are limited to just 25 people therefore it is recommended you book as quickly as possible.

What is a Webinar:
A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. Students watch and listen to the training seminar online via the Internet with LIVE video and audio presentations.
Online participation
Students follow webinars via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and can see and hear the Teacher(s) thanks to audio and video feeds.
Interactives Are Interactive & Fun
A webinar is a form of one-to-many communication: a presenter can reach a large and specific group of online students from a single location. Joining in with our spiritual webinar cana be a very powerful way of learning and expanding your spiritual knowledge. Students have the ability to interact and ask questions with the teacher through chat interaction facilities.
Why Choose Our Webinars?
Webinars save time and money – Eliminate the expense of long journeys, travelling time and expenses, our webinars eliminate the need to travel. This makes it easier and cheaper for you to access Expert Spiritual Knowledge at a fair price. You can also learn in the comfort of your own home, making your experience very private, relaxed  and spiritual.
World Clock

Some events can sell out within 24 hours.
We mainly begin at 7.30pm London UK GMT time.

Watch Our Video on How You Can Join In The Fun.

Angelic Chakra Healing Programme - Level 1
Learn how to access Angel Healing for harmony in your Mind, Body & Spirit. Experience deep angel healing and learn how to charge, align and balance your FOURTEEN chakras.
CHANNELLING SPIRIT - A Channelling Course For Beginners
Learn How To Channel Spirit - Have you been looking for a channelling course that can help you quickly and easily develop your channelling abilities? If so, this channelling course will help you learn how to become a better channel. 
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