Year Ahead - 12 Month Forecast

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Would you like to know where to focus your energies each month to make the most out of what destiny has in store for you? In other words would you like to have luck on your side more?
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Are you lucky or unlucky? Would you like the year ahead to be better?

If you want to be lucky and have more success in life, then it is important to follow these few rules:-
  1. Always listen to your gut.
  2. Consider what you think and feel, use both your logic and your intuiton when it comes to making decisions.
  3. Embrace change, unlucky people tend to be people who like to stick to routine, so learn to take a chance.
  4. Those people who celebrate their set-backs are more likely to have better luck next time, seeing the brighter side of life is a sure way to bring more luck into your life.
  5. Unlucky people tend not to dream of what may or could be. 

Would you like to know where to focus your energies each month to make the most out of what destiny has in store for you? In other words would you like to have luck on your side more?

If so...

  • Use this reading as a guide for a month by month overview of what to expect.
  • Reading covers areas such as: Focus - Desire - Work/Career - Emotions - Finances - Spiritual Guidance along with the outcome of each month.
  • Discover when the most positive and challenging times are and how to make the best of them
  • Make the most of the opportunities this coming year holds for you.
  • Be more aligned with your potential
  • Instinctively know the correct decisions to make.
  • Don't miss out on special periods of great opportunity.
  • Learn how to navigate yourself through this coming year.
  • Be aware of life changing events before they happen.
  • Attune yourself to your destiny.
  • Begin living the life you were meant to life.
Within this 6 to 8 page reading you will gain guidance to help you with understanding where you should be focusing your energies. Discover how your desires each month will change. How your Work/Career will pan out over the coming months. You will gain valuable insight into how your emotions are playing a part in your experiences. Keep abreast of your financial situation with guidance on your finances along with spiritual guidance to ensure your outcome for each month is as successful as it could be.

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Debbie from Northumberland -
Thank you for this 12 month ahead reading Jill, I`ve been slowly reading through it three times now and its REALLY made me think, I can already visualize certain things happening that you were stating - I was thinking " ouch " with some things but I know this is good guidance that I will read time again every month, there was quite a bit of positive and I have a feeling I know "what" & "who" he`ll be....( I hope ) :-) thanks again Jill xxx
Emma from Lincoln -
Reviewing nearing the end of the 12 months and the reading has been accurate for each month.
Martin James Lloyd from Stafford -
Thank you Jill for this fantastic Tarot 12 Month Forecast Reading, superb information outlined in an easy to read format and straight to the point.
I can now use this information to plan everything from work commitments, Personal and social dates (Forewarned is forearmed) and take advantage of positive and/or negative situations that arise in the coming year.

Thanks again
Martin James Lloyd
Debbie from Northumberland -
This reading is excellent Jill, thank you so much, it was nicely laid out and all made perfect sense.
Some of the things stated were things that are so very personnel to me and I`m sure my angels were there saying we`ll keep you right as I do tend to lack confidence at times.
Thanks again Jill xxx
Kelly S. from USA -
I filed for a dissolution of marriage this year. My husband's retirement account was $20,000 when we got married and was $230,000 when we separated. To keep the peace I decided to let him keep the retirement and in exchange I would get a piece of property valued at $75,000 he was to pay off the debt. We were sitting in court and I kept thinking about this reading and how it said that soon I would be receiving money from something that has to do with time or a time investment. I thought if I go along with this agreement the time investment won't happen, so I spoke up and stopped the dissolution. The judge ended up awarding me half of the retirement plus $30,000 plus he has to pay off the debt. If I hadn't followed the guidance in this reading I would have gave up over $55,000. This reading was very valuable in helping me to navigate through the year, I had a very rough time but I kept the faith and put my nose to the grindstone and now everything is working out for me. The month of August it said that things will break, snag, fall apart and on the 28th some of the valve springs broke in my car that cost $1,000. I could go on and on. I realise that some things that didn't happen were because of the free will of someone else. I highly recommend this reading so you know when to take action and to not be totally caught off guard when something does come up.
Charlotte Charles from Delaware -
Loved this reading, particularly liked how the reading was broken down into easy digestible chunks with sub-headings, this helps me to focus on each area of my life and use it to help me. Thanks.
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